Hollidaysburg is a borough and the county seat of Blair County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It is located on the Juniata River, 7 miles (11 km) south of Altoona and is part of the Altoona, Pennsylvania, Metropolitan Statistical Area and is one of the communities that comprises the Altoona Urban Area. read more at WikiPedia

  •  I wont be able to browse my forum, or respond to any emails inquiries from 4 december 2007 to 16 January 2008, as I will be at the end of the world in Australia. I will carry a lot of gadget stuff with me (GPS, camera and camcorder), in order to be able to map all pictures taken and video on Google Map / Google Earth . So You will have enough to browse beginning of  next year.

    Below You can find the detailled planning of my trip, so you can imagine yourself where I am week per week. Australia is so big, (14 times the size of France), that I am forced to take airplanes (4 companies: Singapour Airlines, Quantas, Virgin Blue and Cathay Pacific)  from city to city....

    Monday     Tuesday     Wed. 5   Thursday 6   Friday 7   Saturday 8   Sunday 9    
          from      Arriving                               
          Zurich 14:00   Sydney
        to      7h10                              
          Francfort             sydney     sydney     blue mountains   and around  
    Monday 10   Tuesday 11   Wed. 12   Thursday 13   Friday 14   Saturday 15   Sunday 16    
                          Sydney Melbourne                  
      as far as I can go around Sydney                                        
    Monday 17   Tuesday 18   Wed. 19   Thursday 20   Friday 21   Saturday 22   Sunday 23    
          cancelled                                 Adelaide 15:55
    961km 13h         Adelaide     Kangaroo island  Adelaide      
                Great ocean
    road by car
                                            Sydney 18:20
    Monday 24   Tuesday 25   Wed. 26   Thursday 27   Friday 28   Saturday 29   Sunday 30    
    Sydney     From                                 From  
      Christmas   Sydney 8:55             1100km- 14h                 hobart 16:40  
      familly                 Tasmania                      
          to                                  To  
                                    Sydney 18:30  
    Monday 31                                        
    Monday 1   Tuesday 2   Wed. 3   Thursday 4   Friday 5   Saturday 6   Sunday      
    Sydney   From                   from                  
      New Year Sydney 9:55                   alice sp 8:40        738km          
      familly          Alice Spring   Ayers Rocks Kings
      Darwin   kakadu Katherine
        to                   to                  
        Alice Spring 11h40                 darwin 10:35                  
    Monday 7   Tuesday 8   Wed. 9   Thursday 10   Friday 11   Saturday 12   Sunday 13    
    from                                       from  
    darwin 7:00                                     cairns 18:10  
        Cairns   Reef barier   rain forest     around      outback     Islands     City      
    to                                       to  
    Cairns 9:55                                       sydney 22:10  
    Monday 14   Tuesday 15                                  
          8h30 airport                                  
      Dayoff   Sydney ->
    Singapore ->
    Francfort -> Zürich
  • Portovenere, Italian Riviera
    Province: La Spezia

    The Ligurian coast between Cinque Terre and Portovenere is a cultural landscape of great scenic and cultural value. The layout and disposition of the small towns and the shaping of the surrounding landscape, overcoming the disadvantages of a steep, uneven terrain, encapsulate the continuous history of human settlement in this region over the past millennium.

    In front of Cape San Pietro there are Palmaria island and the islands of Tino and Tinetto, originally linked to the mainland

    Portovenere was an important military base first under the Roman domination, then under the Bizantini.

    History of portovenere


    Although Portovenere is not one of the village in the Cinque Terre, it is very close and as beautiful if not nicer...
    The Castle, S. Lawrence (16th century)

    Catholic church in Portovenere

    Used to be a temple to Venus Erycina (From which the name Portus Veneris derives). The temple was then transformed during the first years of Christianity into a Christian temple. In 1256 ad. The Genoese built the church over the early Christian temple, to thank the inhabitants of Porto Venere for their help in taking Lerici castle.

    A church of the 13th century, with black-and-white stripe exterior and interior that it is recognizable from far out at the sea. The interior is simple with windows opening to the blue sea of the Italian Riviera.

    Visiting Portovenere

    • Museums:
  • I wont be able to  update my internet page
    from beginning of december to 15 january
    as I will be in Australia,  Tasmania and
    New Zealand (7 weeks in total)

    Help by the famous "Lonely Planet Australia", my foot
    will held me to the most famous beautiful place.

    I will of course have a lot of pictures and video to
    share with  all of You.

    Before this event I will try to deliver new Joomla!
    components versions based on your feedback.
  • I'm back from hollidays: 1 week in italy visiting, piacenza, milano, genova, pisa, 5 terra, sestri levante, porto fino and porto venere. I will post some of the 350 pictures I've taken...
  • depart 06.12.2007, retour 15.01.2008
  • I would like to wish all our readers Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas or whatever you say in your part of the world. It's been a productive - and at times challenging - year here, and we're really excited about our plans for 2015. Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing today, enjoy yourselves and thank you for being a part of waltercedric.com!

  • I am back online (leave yesterday Sydney at 10:00AM GMT+10 so 12:00AM for all of my european reader at GMT+1)!

    My trip in Australia is finished...

    • 3'200 km driven in 3 cars (around Tasmania and Adelaide), that mean more than 30 hours in a car
    • 4'000 km in bus, or 40 hours at leat doing daily or 2 days tours
    • 10'950 km with8 internal flights   (Sydney -> Melbourne, Adelaide -> Sydney, Sydney -> Hobart, Hobart -> Sydney, Sydney ->Alice springs, Alice springs -> Darwin, Darwin -> Cairns, Cairns -> Sydney)
    • 32'026 km with4 international flightsacross oceans and countries (Frankfurt <-> Singapore <-> Sydney), was 14 hours in the latest Airbus A380 and 26 hours in a Boeing 777-300ER
    • 800 km by train(Zürich - Basel - Frankfurt airport - Basel - Zürich)
    • 1528 picturestaken at 12 Mpixels with my Canon G9
    • 76Gb of AVCHD video taken at 1080i (1038 clips) with my Sony SR8
    • 600 kb of GPS metadata

    and I am VERY tired...
  • I am in holidays till the end of months... plenty of time to deliver some new Joomla! components versions...Beginning of december 2007 I will  stay 1 months in the area of Sydney - Australia :-)
  • I am in the process of moving my gallery from gallery2 to smugmug.com

    This has some advantages,

    •  Better bandwidth,
    • No security update to do,
    • Google picasa integration,
    • Unlimited space storage,
    • Some very nice themes using ajax.
    • Keyword tagging for searching and categorization of photos.
    • Enables Google Maps integration for photos with GPS.
    • Decentralized storage for  my pictures (60%, or 100 terabytes, of photos are stored on the Amazon S3 service), and
    • The ability to propose them in 4000  * 3000 pixels (gallery2 and GD were having problem, mainly memory issues).

    Anyway, I have 14 days to test this new gallery. In between, you can enjoy it as well and report me any issues you may encounter.

    Browse my gallery by keyword http://cedricwalter.smugmug.com/keyword/

    Ive tried Flickr.com but was not happy with their user interface...

  • The Cinque Terre are five coastal villages in the province of La Spezia. "Discovered" by foreigners in the late 20th century they have become among the most touristed areas of Italy;

    • Monterosso al Mare
    • Vernazza
    • Corniglia
    • Manarola
    • Riomaggiore
    • Monterosso al Mare
    • Vernazza
    • Corniglia
    • Manarola
    • Riomaggiore

    Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre


    taking the train to the latest village:


    Riomaggiore is situated in a small valley just along the coast. It is the first Village of Cinque Terre when you come from La Spezia.

    The houses of the medieval village lean one to the other, intersected by depp small streets and sheltered paths.
    Riomaggioreorigins date back to the end of the XII century. "Rivus Major" is the ancient name of the biggets river which crossed the village. Typical coloured buildings in the village

    walking (20min) using "Via dell'Amore"

    The way, offers a romantic atmospheres and panoramas of rare beauty. It cost 3€. It is the most famous path of Cinque Terre from Riomaggiore to Manarola.

    to Manarola

    taking the train to the first village:

  • Visiting Italy: Duomo di Milano
    Wednesday 3.11.2004

    The Duomo di Milano is one of the most famous buildings in Europe. It is the second largest Roman Catholic cathedral: only the cathedral of Seville is larger (as is Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, which is not a cathedral).

    It is 157 meters long— 40,000 people can fit comfortably within. The main spire is 109 meters high. The great windows of the choir were reputed to be the largest in the world. It is a particularly large and elaborate Gothic Cathedral on the main square in the center of the city of Milan

    Visiting the roof cost 5€ using a lift and 3.5 using stairs

    The street plan of Milan, with streets either radiating from the Duomo or circling it, reveals that the Duomo occupies the most important site in Roman Mediolanum. Saint Ambrose's 'New Basilica' was built on this site at the beginning of the 5th century, with an adjoining basilica added in 836. When fire damaged both buildings in 1075, they were rebuilt as the Duomo.

    In 1386 the archbishop, Antonio da Saluzzo, began the new project, in a rayonnant Late Gothic style that is more characteristic of France than Italy. Work proceeded for generations, the main spire being topped off in 1762 (1744?) with a polychrome statue of the Madonna, to whom the Duomo and its predecessor have always been consecrated. Even now some uncarved blocks remain to be completed as statuary.

    The Duomo of Milan blurs the normal distinctions between Gothic and neo-Gothic, for the Gothic west front was begun in 1616 and completed two hundred years later. Only in its details does it reveal its Baroque and Neo-Classical date. From 1900 some of the least Gothic details of the facade were replaced in a more Gothic style to designs of Giuseppe Brentano. Gothic construction on the rest of the Duomo was largely complete in the 1880s.

    The cathedral's five wide naves are reflected in the hierarchic openings of the facade. Even the transepts have aisles. The roofline dissolves into openwork pinnacles that are punctuated by a grove of spires.

    The huge building is of brick construction, faced with marble from the quarries which Gian Galeazzo Visconti donated in perpetuity to the cathedral chapter. Its maintenance and repairs are very complicated.

    Attention 785*3025 pixels (533kb)
    2600 statues or 3500 if you consider that some
    has a second smallest statues in their body

    wonderful door
    One door details
    "What a wonder it is! So grand, so solemn, so vast! And yet so delicate, so airy, so graceful! A very world of solid weight, and yet it seems...a delusion of frostwork that might vanish with a breath!...The central one of its five great doors is bordered with a bas-relief of birds and fruits and beasts and insects, which have been so ingeniously carved out of the marble that they seem like living creatures-- and the figures are so numerous and the design so complex, that one might study it a week without exhausting its interest...everywhere that a niche or a perch can be found about the enormous building, from summit to base, there is a marble statue, and every statue is a study in itself...Away above, on the lofty roof, rank on rank of carved and fretted spires spring high in the air, and through their rich tracery one sees the sky beyond....(Up on) the roof...springing from its broad marble flagstones, were the long files of spires, looking very tall close at hand, but diminishing in the distance...We could see, now, that the statue on the top of each was the size of a large man, though they all looked like dolls from the street... They say that the Cathedral of Milan is second only to St. Peter's at Rome. I cannot understand how it can be second to anything made by human hands." --Mark Twain,Innocents Abroad.    



    All texts except pictures are extracted fromWikipedia and are enhanced by me, Text is available under the terms of theGNU Free Documentation License,(see Copyrights for details).


  • The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a covered arcade situated on the northern side of the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, connecting to the Piazza della Scala. Named after King Victor Emmanuel II (It. Vittorio Emanuele II), the first king of united Italy, it was built by G. Mengoni between 1865 and 1878.

    The street is covered over by an arching glass and steel roof, thus giving it a claim to be the world's first
    shopping mall. The four storey arcade includes elegant shops selling most things from 'haute couture' to
    books, as well as restaurants, cafes and bars.

  • the city,  San Lorenzo church and the seaport...



    San Lorenzo church



    The port of Genoa is the first in Italy. It ranks second in the Mediterranean after Marseille, France.

    The Aquarium of Genoa is the largest in Europe.

    many companies have their boat here
    Famous boat from the movie "Hook"







  • Castello sforzesco ,  Basilica san-lorenzo maggiore,  Church Santa Maria Delle Grazie,  La Scala de Milan, planetarium.

    In constuction

    Castello sforzesco

    Arriving from the duomo di Milano

    The arche of peace, in the parc behind the castle

    Basilica san-lorenzo maggiore





    Statue of Constantine, located in the plaza in front
    of the basilica

    Church Santa Maria Delle Grazie





    La Scala de Milan



    The planetarium, which is one of the most-renowned in Europe




  • Visiting Italy: Piazza del Duomo



    Piazza del Duomo




  • Visiting Italy: Pisa

    Pisa is a quite small city, if you go there using the train, and want to see the leaning tower, you'll have to walk straight away during 20minutes to reach:
    The Square of miracle (The Campo dei Miracoli )

    The Square of miracleis made of four buildings:

    • The Leaning tower,
    • The Cathedral,
    • The Baptistry,
    • The Camposanto.

    akaLa Torre di Pisa

    Characteristics of the leaning Tower:
    Pratical informations
    • The tower look like a hollow cylinder which is formed by 2 concentrical walls
      (all in marble blocks)
    • The height of the buildig from the foundation to the belfroy is approx. 60meters.
    • The tower weighs approx. 14.500 tonnes
    • There is a spiral stair (approx. 300 steps) within the body which allow access to the arcade storey and the top
    • The inclinaison is 5.5 in direction of the south, the tower losse 1mm yearly...

    • It will cost You 15€ (as 29.10.2004) to visit it and only 30 persons are allowed at a time (35 minutes) in the tower so do not forget to buy your ticket as soon as you arrive.
    • Exit are only permit at the 7th and 8th level where visitors are protected by balustrades.
    • Visiting the tower require a certain physical effort, take your time!
    • Bags are forbidden but can be store at the checkpoint for free.
    • Annoying: each 5 meters some people will try to sell You a false Rolex or books, they stop You or ask you while You are in a restaurant.
      Note: If you get catch at the border with a Rolex copy, you will have to pay 3 times the price of a real one as fees!

    view from top of the tower

    The Cathedral

    • Build start in 1064 under the order of Buschetto, a native of Pisa. An urn containing hist rest is behind the first arche on the left side of the monument.
    • The unfinished building was consecrated in the 12th century by the pope Gelasius II
    • Mosaics in portal were made in 1400 but has changed a lot in 19th century.

    Cathedral facade

    A virgin and a child

    left side of the Cathedral

    Cathedral behind

    • The first door were made of wood by the artist Bonanno in1186
    • The bronze doors (by Giambologna) were build to replace the old one after a fire damage (16th century).

    details: episode of the life of Christ

    details: episode of the life of the virgin

    • You can visit the cathedral for free.

    Caryatid figures

    The pulpit by Giovanni Pisano

    The Baptistry

    • Created by Diotisalvi in 1152
    • Same design and materials as the Cathedral in construction
    • Finished in 14th century.

    The architrave relate the history of life
    of St John the Baptist(reliefs 1th century)

    The church of
    Santa Maria della Spina


  • Visiting Italy: Portofino

    "A little village stretching like an arch of the moon around a quiet basin. Never have I felt the way I did when I walked into that green indefiniteness, with such a sense of peace and fulfilment".
    From Vie Errante by Guy de Maupassant

    Portofino Population: 35,254
    Italy Population: 57,194,000
    Currency: Euro
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Language: Italian

    Portofino has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers. Even in Winter the weather is never cold.