Heaven, the heavens or seven heavens, is a common religious, cosmological, or transcendent place where heavenly beings such as gods, angels, jinn, saints, or venerated ancestors originate, are enthroned, or live. read more at WikiPedia

  • Equiped with :

    Motor: BrushlessKontronics (290€)
    Controller: Kontronics regler (90€)
    Gyro: CSM 180
    RX: Robbe R600
    Pitch/Roll/Nick-Servo: Prafa ps101/Prafa ps101/Prafa ps101
    Tail-Servo: Prafa ps101
    Battery: 12 x 2000 mAh NiCdSanyo RC 2000
    Blades: quick uk CFK blades
    Weight empty: with canopy (gr) and blades (gr)
    Weight in flight: with canopy and
    Flight time:  
    Others: Aluso Rotor Head (193€), Aluso swahplatte (101€), Aluso Bell paddle (36€)

    Main body made of GFK, tail boom, tails fins (229€), main blade CFK (75€)

    Zoom on Aluso rotor head :

    Manual :

    Click here for downloading the Gensmantel heaven manual.

    Gallery :

    Bought on ebay, february 2002

    Aluso rotor head


    Aluso carbon paddle


    Side frame carbon


    Tail rotor, less pretty


    Left side view


    Controller in front.


    Weight is coming from
    the 12 cells battery.


    Idea of its size,
    beside is a krosoft


    Flight log :


    Setting up heli, not an easy task at all, because it is the first time thta i set up a ccpm heli. You can can find an help at www.jason.net/ where the complete setup is explained.
    Since this heli is a 12 cells, i can use the 6 battery from my eraptor (24 x 12 RC2000 + 4 x 12 RC2400), cool !

  • Anti Spam a set of components For Joomla/Mambo in version 1.1

    • com_log4php, (logging)
    • com_hashcash, (using cryptographic hashcash)
    • com_securityimages (CAPTCHA)

    contains also modified versions of

    • com_akobbok,(guestbook system)
    • com_akocomment,(commenting system))
    • com_contact (contact formular from core Joomla/Mambo engine)

    I want it!!!!

    • Bundle Download available in section... "downloads"
    • Documentation available online, click read more
    • Feedback welcomed :-)

    I will this week as well:
    1. Create 2 new projects on Mamboforge: com_securityimages and com_bayesianNaiveFilter
    2. Commit the latest code to all 4 projects com_log4php, com_hashcash, com_securityimages and com_bayesianNaiveFilter
    3. Commit modified version of com_akobbok, com_akocomment, com_contact
    com_bayesianNaiveFilter is a new component (core done admin panel done, localization done), I have to integrate it into some 3rd party components (com_akobbok, com_akocomment, com_contact)

    Bayesian Naive Filter are spam filter that evaluates email message content to determine the probability that it is spam. Bayesian filters are adaptable and can learn to identify new patterns of spam by analyzing incoming email.. Instead of identifying subject line or headers of the email, Bayesian filter will review the content of the email to prevent or block spamming. Bayesian filtering is the process of using Bayesian statistical methods to classify documents into categories.

    At the end of the day year Joomla or Mambo will have 3 methods to protect its contents from spammers:

    using captcha, using crypto hashkey, or with learning filters (all these methods can be defeat through)

    Open Source? its all about choice! Enjoy.