A guestbook (also guest book, visitor log, visitors' book, visitors' album) is a paper or electronic means for a visitor to acknowledge a visit to a site, physical or web-based, and leave details such as their name, postal or electronic address, and any comments. read more at WikiPedia

  • A new release of AkobookPlus has been release


    BUG: Akobook 5.1.0 did not include language files when not in Legacy mode -> rendering the front end empty (no entries were shown at the front end both of guest's and admin's.)

    NEW: All languages files and the whole project are UTF-8

    Download HERE

  • No no No Akobookplus is not dead, after more than 5 years of duty Akobookplus is now running natively in Joomla! 1.5.

    • It use now Akismet4joomla! a WebService (XML-RPC) for determining if entries are from spammers
    • It do not work with SecurityImages as I am polishing the API of SecurityImages 5.0, the final release will use SecurityImages 5.0
    • It run in Joomla! 1.5 native mode and use most of Joomla! 1.5 framework for validating user entries...
    • Database schema has not been change so it is fully compatible with Akobook, easy migration from Joomla! 1.0
    • It is still the same crappy code without MVC separation of concerns, it is not worth the effort right now to rewrite everything.
    • It is a BETA version so backup and test at your own risks!

    Download the Beta version in my download section.

  • BUG: Adding new guestbook entries now working in Backend (thanks to Laurie for reporting)
    NEW:moved the Akobook image and titles to up in the navigation bar of the component (Laurie)
    moved your code for images to another tab called Security / Integration. I would like to add
    another option here so that you can choose to use the captcha option in Community Builder (Captcha 2.0.1).
    That way I can have the same captcha used everywhere. (Laurie)
    NEW: Moved the number of entries to show on the admin page to the bottom to fit in with other components. (Laurie)
    NEW: Changed image from publish to tick to fit in with other components. (Laurie)
    NEW: Added some widths to the tables in backend so entry has more space so it can be more easily viewed (Laurie)
    NEW: Moved the copyright notice to bottom of about page and removed it from other pages. (Laurie)
    BUG: Ability for administrator to edit/delete/comment now working with BBcode support

    A big Thanks to Laurie from Down Under (Australia) for his help.

    I wont add much new functionalities in such a messy code, the first task to do as soon as it is working is to cleanup/redesign the code behind the scene

  • Modified version of the great Akobook, this version now protect JOOMLA Guest Book entry from
    spammers using recaptcha or securityimages 5 and run natively in Joomla! 1.5


    BUG: When using SecurityImages in AkobookPlus, it shows a label called SECURITYIMAGES_LABEL. Looks like a missing variable.
    missing keys in all languages except english

    BUG: admin comment form was not able to add smiley as the form name was misspelled in HTML code

    NEW: fully XHTML compliance, for both front end and back end panel, validated with CSE HTML validations and W3C online validations service
    valid.xhtml akobookIsXHTMLCompliant

    NEW: E_STRICT for PHP reporting errors, so code fully portable and wont generated silent error in logs.

    NEW: fully localized including java script popup

    NEW: start of selenium test suite to ensure quality of future release

    BUG: unable to edit language files, and misleading error message  was displayed

    Your css file is /components/com_simpleboard/forum.css
    You need to chmod this to 766 in order for the config to be updated

    BUG: paging through items in admin panel was not working

    BUG: missing translation entries in foreign languages (but not translated)

    NOTE: Akobook do not delete existing table -> this is a feature that allow you to safely update akobook without having to backup of your table.

    akobookPlus Download HERE

  • Version 5.1.3 of the oldest and maybe the most famous GuestBook for Joomla! is out

    BUG: Title of page was missing in front end.

    NEW: "I wan't to let the visitors enter their email address, but I don't want it to be shown on the front page." A new setting in back end just allow that, "Hide user email in front end"

    NEW: A donate button has been add in the back end under "About"

    NEW: A new statistics page, that give you an overview of user rating. New statistics can be added easily, I just wait for your ideas ;-)


    NEW: Add a new menu entry "Support" that goes directly to the GuestBook forums.

    NEW: Add a new menu entry "Documentation" that goes directly to the GuestBook WIKI.

    Download HERE

    New features, bugs or support, go to my forums

  • box.joomla.myguestbook

     MyGuestBook will replace Akobookplus...

    The code has been rewritten, simplified and is now using Joomla! controller pattern.  MyGuestBook  is an open source (GPL v3) Joomla guest book component with spam protection and many customization options.  For those of you interested in switching from other guest book components there is an import feature, which in this version can import entries from Akobook v3.42 or Akobookplus 5.1.2

    You will get the stability of a 4 years old Joomla! component combined with the latest Joomla! 1.5 API.


    Release H - 2 days





    • Build in AdSense, AdBrite any Cost per Mille (CPM) or Cost Per click (CPC)
    • Possibility to add a maximum of 3  advertisements. 

    Smiley skinning

    Switch from one theme to the other in one click. MyGuestbook support all Smiley's from phpbb-design with less coding effort



    • Mail function is UTF8 capable.
    • Native Joomla 1.5 support! NO legacy mode not needed!
    • Stick to the standard: fully XHTML 1.0 compliance

    Protection against spammers 

    • SecurityImages support for creating Captcha and avoiding spammers to make some silly entries
    • support for creating Captcha and getting rid of spammers,
    • Akismet filters to remove any suspicious comment automatically without user hassles or admin overhead,
    • Mail are protected in front end from spammers/spiders/bots by being encrypted by Users are forced to solve a captcha before being able to read the email address.
    • People adding their site to the guestbook entry wont get any better ranking, thus because now all homepage links have an additional rel="nofollow" tags
    • HTML forms are protected against replaying attacks, and blind bots submit.

    Many languages are supported

    • Available languages for Front end: English, Swedish, Dutch, German (informal), German (formal), German (informal), French, Portuguese, Serbian (latin charset), Norwegian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Romanian
    • Available languages for back end: English.

    Easy import from previous GuestBook

    • Import entries from Akobook and EasyBook.


    • Support Smiley's theme, one switch in backend to change all Smiley’s!




    Front end admin functions

    • Super Administrators and Administrators are allowed to edit and delete entries in the front end.
    • Configurable whether all, some or no HTML should be stripped from entries entered from the front end.
    • Admin can define which HTML tags are allowed in entries.

    Back end admin functions

    • You can edit, comment, publish, un-publish, search for entries

    A lot of settings in a layout like a native Joomla! core component



    • Works with Register Global turned off,
    • Conformity to Joomla! 1.5 framework.
    • Check with one click if you have the latest version for improve security!

    Statistics page








    NEW: Direct link to forum for support.
    NEW: Direct link to version manager for checking if you have the latest version.