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  • zeldaroth

    These are Zelda&39;s amateur game, entitled Return of the Hylian, made in C++ and with the SDL libraries. 

    The Legend of Zelda: Return of the Hylian / Oni-Link Begins / Time to Triumph is a trilogy of fan games that take place after the events of A Link to the Past. Originally made in French in C++ by Vincent Jouillat, it was translated to English by Lobaluz. The games utilizes many graphics and pieces of music from A Link to the Past. Time to Triumph has been released in English, introducing a past, present, and future concept using the Ocarina. In addition to the Windows version, the games have been ported to the following platforms: MacOS, Amiga OS 4, Linux, Pandora, Sony PSP, and the Dingoo A320.

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Here's another game play video of Little Big Planet.


  • This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be continually edited if I add new items to my collection.

    ArcadeLegends-SegaGenesis6 in1 

    Publisher: Radica (US/EU) / Sega Toys (JP)
    Release Date: July 30, 2004

    Price paid: 0.5€



    Sega Genesis Collection Volume 1, also known as Sega Arcade Legends and Sega Mega Drive Collection, is a game console which is part of the Play TV Legends series. Six games are included which are:

    • Sonic the Hedgehog,
    • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine,
    • Flicky,
    • Golden Axe,
    • Altered Beast
    • Kid Chameleon.

    Sega Genesis 6 Games in One Multi Game UnitSega Genesis 6 Games in One Multi Game Unit2

    The games are emulated; and the emulation is very bad quality, the screen appears stretched and the sound is not crystal clear as it used to be compared to a real Megadrive.

    4 AA batteries are required for operation.


     SegaGenesisCollectionVolume1_manual2 SegaGenesisCollectionVolume1_manual1


    Preview of console at IGN.

  • Atari_7800_ProSystem_video_game_console_01

    The Atari 7800 ProSystem, or simply the Atari 7800, is a video game console re-released by Atari Corporation in January 1986. The original release had occurred two years earlier under Atari Inc. The 7800 had originally been designed to replace Atari Inc.'s Atari 5200 in 1984, but was temporarily shelved due to the sale of the company after the video game crash. In January 1986, the 7800 was again released and would compete that year with the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System. [From WikiPedia]

    It had simple digital joysticks and was almost fully backward-compatible with the Atari 2600


    Serial Number X8 4068524




  • atari_lynx_portable_console_00

    The Atari Lynx is a 16-bit handheld game console that was released by Atari Corporation in 1989. The Lynx holds the distinction of being the world's first handheld electronic game with a color LCD. The system is also notable for its forward-looking features, advanced graphics, and ambidextrous layout. The Lynx was released in 1989, the same year as Nintendo's (monochromatic) Game Boy. [WikiPedia]


    120 games are available, I own currently only one: Gates of zendocon:

    Gates of Zendocon is a 1989 action video game by Epyx for the Atari Lynx which was highly rated. This game is an action platform scrolling shooter where the player controls a space ship across 51 levels ("universes"). During gameplay there are a number of little alien allies to aid the player and protect the ship. The style of the game has an organic feel and the foes are numerous. There is a bonus level hidden inside the game where the player can earn high scores by destroying the faces of the game's creators. [WikiPedia]


    Technical specifications

    • MOS 65SC02 processor running at up to 4 MHz (~3.6 MHz average)
      • 8-bit CPU, 16-bit address space
      • Sound engine
        • 4 channel sound (Lynx II with panning)
        • 8-bit DAC for each channel (4 channels × 8-bits/channel = 32 bits commonly quoted)
      • Video DMA driver for liquid-crystal display
        • 4,096 color (12-bit) palette
        • 16 simultaneous colors (4 bits) from palette per scan line (more than 16 colors can be displayed by changing palettes after each scan line)
      • 8 System timers (2 reserved for LCD timing, one for UART)
      • Interrupt controller
      • UART (for ComLynx) (fixed format 8E1, up to 62500 Bauds)
      • 512 bytes of bootstrap and game-card loading ROM
    • Suzy (16-bit custom CMOS chip running at 16 MHz)
      • Graphics engine
        • Hardware drawing support
        • Unlimited number of high-speed sprites with collision detection
        • Hardware high-speed sprite scaling, distortion, and tilting effects
        • Hardware decoding of compressed sprite data
        • Hardware clipping and multi-directional scrolling
        • Variable frame rate (up to 75 frames/second)
        • 160 × 102 standard resolution (16,320 addressable pixels)
      • Math co-processor
        • Hardware 16-bit × 16-bit → 32-bit multiply with optional accumulation; 32-bit ÷ 16-bit → 16-bit divide
        • Parallel processing of CPU and a single multiply or a divide instruction
    • RAM: 64 KB 120ns DRAM
    • Storage: Cartridge - 128, 256 and 512 KB exist, up to 2 MB is possible with bank-switching logic. Some (homebrew) carts with EEPROM to save hi-scores.
    • Ports:
      • Headphone port (3.5 mm stereo; wired for mono on the original Lynx)
      • ComLynx (multiple unit communications, serial)
    • LCD Screen: 3.5" diagonal
    • Battery holder (six AA) ~4–5 hours (Lynx I) ~5-6 hours (Lynx II)
  • image

    Bomberman  (also known as Dynablaster or Dyna Blaster in Europe) is a strategic, maze-based video game franchise originally developed by Hudson Soft. The original game was published in 1983. Purpose of the game is to complete the levels by strategically placing bombs in order to kill enemies and destroy obstacles. Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, kill or injure enemies, and destroy obstacles. However, they can also kill or injure the player character, destroy power ups, and sometimes "anger" the exit, causing it to generate more enemies. Most Bomberman games also feature a multiplayer mode (up to 8 opponents), where other Bomberman  act as opponents.

    Bombermine is a Bomberman massively multiplayer - place bombs in order to blow up other players and get bonuses hidden in blocks. Up to 1000 friends on a single map! It is written in HTML5/JS using Angular, Canvas and async.js

    Don’t forget also to visit the Bomberman Wiki

  • Of course do not do this in any meeting ;-) or do not cry BULLSHIT at all :-)

    Do you keep falling asleep in meetings and seminars? What about those long and boring conference calls? Here is a way to change all of that! Before each meeting,

    • Print one copy of this game card for each player, refreshing the page before each print, or have the players print their own game cards
    • Check off each block when you hear these words during a meeting, seminar, or phone call.
    • When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout BULLSHIT!!

    Schlafen Sie während Besprechungen manchmal ein ? Oder wie ist es mit diesen nicht enden wollenden Konferenzen ? Hier ist die Möglichkeit das alles zu ändern !!!
    Wie wird gespielt ?

    • Seite ausdrucken, in die Besprechung gehen...
    • Kreuzen Sie einen Block an, wenn das entsprechende Wort während einer Besprechung, eines Seminars, oder einer Telefonkonferenz hören.
    • Wenn Sie horizontal, vertikal oder diagonal 5 Blöcke in einer Reihe haben, stehen Sie auf und rufen laut BULLSHIT !!!

    English bullshit bingo generator HERE

  • Nearly all games has been dumped, a good way to enter in the Neo Geo world if you are on a budget. I recommend you to kill 2 usb sidewinder pad and wire them to real Neo Geo pad.
    Best emulator ever made: Neorage X (under windows) Work greatly on a P120/Celeron 300 with no video tuning or great videocard. Authors discontinued their job and no update is available, some hacker modify the executable and provide new background and enhance the list of games recognize (in factyou get a title instead of the zip name if it isnt recognize)
      Mame 32: none of the above, lot of configurations settings, new games added only with help of drivers, ask for a good 1Ghz system with a good video card (geforce)
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    Sega Mega DriveNintendo Game Boy
    SNK Neogeo PocketTI89(Titanium), TI92(+), V200 emulator
    Nintendo 64GameCube
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    Nintendo Game Boy AdvanceSega Game Gear
    Multi system
  • HTML5_JavaScript_Gameboy_Emulator

    Grant Galitz has released an Open Source GameBoy Color emulator written in HTML5/JavaScript! and it plays local roms nicely (Here Zelda). Congratulations to Him for this master piece of work. The GameBoy can now be played everywhere in any decent browser.


    This is a GameBoy Color emulator written purely in JavaScript by Grant Galitz.

    The video is done either through HTML5 canvas or by a fallback of creating BMP binary picture format data URI strings and appending the result to regular HTML img tags.

    Save states are implemented through the window.localStorage object, and are serialized/deserialized through JSON. SRAM saving is also implemented through the window.localStorage object, and are serialized/deserialized through JSON. In order for save states to work properly on most browsers, you need set the maximum size limit for DOM storage higher, to meet the needs of the emulator's save data size.

    For more information about this emulator and its source code, visit the GIT repository at:

  • Jakks_Namco_TV_Games_Video_Game_System_00

    Simply plug in your Jakks Namco unit through RCA to your television, select a game from the menu and hit the fire button. A small body but with a great value for the price. It contains the following games:

    1. Pac-Man
    2. Galaxian
    3. Rally-X
    4. Dig Dug
    5. Bosconian
  • This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be continually edited if I add new items to my collection.



    Release Date: June 12, 2006

    Price paid: 0.5€




    Get your trigger-finger ready for the new SpongeBob SquarePants TV Games from JAKKS Pacific. SpongeBob SquarePants TV Games is a plug and play, 8-bit gaming system that contains five games all in the single joystick. This newest TV Game, based on Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, the no. 1 kids’ show on TV for kids' ages 2-11, has five unique games showcasing the popular sea sponge and his friends from Bikini Bottom.

  • This game has been rewrite in javascript and is more than playable. Enjoy going back to the root like me: I  use to play lemmings on a 486DX 50Mhz  15 Years Ago...

    Lemmings™ is an intriguing game in which you help hordes of otherwise-mindless creatures - knows as walkers - escape hostile environments.