Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system (as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams and sewing patterns). read more at WikiPedia

  • AntiPattern: "An AntiPattern is a literary form that describes a commonly occurring solution to a problem that generates decidedly negative consequences.

  • "About a year ago, I compiled a huge list ofartistic sites. It seems like the trend has carried
    on in 2008 and is growing stronger (thank God the glossy style is gone). So what’s hot now?
    Pencil sketches, handwritten notes, card stocks, watercolor effects, collage art, script fonts,
    grungy and splatter ink backgrounds (glossy gradients are not "in" this year). Another trend to
    be on the lookout for are the
    vintage and retro styles which I’ve posted earlier this year.
    Here is a list of 82 sites picked from
    Best Web Gallery that show the current design trends."

    So for the rest of use, not fortunate enough to afford  a designer, there is still a lot of options like

    TemplateShaker is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) xhtml/css template generator.

    "Using this tool is pretty simple: just click and customize the look and feel of the template on
    the fly, in complete WYSIWYG environment. Save the template and it is done – just open the
    template generated with your favorite html editor and use it for your sites. It is free of charge
    – both for non-commercial and commercial use. You are free to use the templates on all your
    sites and all your client’s sites.

    This product is designed to give web designer quick and easy way to modify the look of
    predefined template layouts. You can change the images, backgrounds, text colors, page
    background etc. This initial release comes with 3 templates predefined but you can produce
    hundreds of templates by playing with the different customization settings. The templates
    which this tool generates are free to use if you keep the credits link at the bottom.
    (However - in case you want to remove the credits, there is commercial version available)"

    For all Joomla reader up there I recommend you to visit with its 2460 Joomla templates available under GPL

  • I did bought a one year account at

    So expect some instabilities in the next coming days&160; :-(

  • Images created with the 3D Text Maker at can be used for free on personal and commercial pages

  • Design good code is a small code! responsabilities must be properly localized (do not be lazy, create more objects!) and not spread around or worse localized in one object (spaghetti code) 

  • If you do not like the overall design of my homepage, You can play with the "Template Chooser" bloc. The default templates is rhuk_planetfall 
  • Sample Chapter are provided courtesy of Addison Wesley Professional and can be read at
    What Is Refactoring? A refactoring is a "behavior-preserving transformation" or, as Martin Fowler defines it, "a change made to the internal structure of software to make it easier to understand and cheaper to modify without changing its observable behavior" (Fawler, page 53) read more here

  • A collections of links, this time. A lot of persons have already done a stunning job:

    • Sun Java Center - J2EE Patterns:The J2EE Patterns presented here, a collection of J2EE-based solutions to common problems, reflect the collective expertise and experience of Java technology architects in the Sun Java Center over the past three years.
    • Wiki pattern catalogwith some famous contributors like Kent Beck and co.
    • The server side: get the latest informations on Patterns.
    • Javaworld a list of articles

  • Bulbs Unlimited is a system, which transforms European standard light bulbs into various, spectacular light objects. Therefore light bulbs were linked together, like Lego® bricks, by simple snap buttons (press buttons). A custom-built positioning device, “the Inkubator” maintains to fix the snap buttons on defined positions on bulbs surfaces, by using a unique adhesive. The chance to locate snap buttons on several different positions on bulbs surfaces, guaranteed a unlimited number of potential light objects

  •  Meta-Patterns: Design Patterns Explained
    Moisés Daniel Díaz Toledano. Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    MetaPatterns can be contemplated like a form of understanding the underlying mechanisms of patterns and the form in which they work, and even as a new patterns’ classification.
    The principal objective of patterns is capturing good practices that allow us to improve the quality of the design of systems, determining objects that support useful roles in a specific context, encapsulating complexity, and making it more flexible.
    We can observe that the structure of these solutions (patterns) repeats, using a series of basic mechanisms (even in different levels of abstraction) to produce the same effects in the system.

  • Books:



    Structural Analysis for Java"SA4J is a technology that analyzes structural dependencies of Java applications in order to measure their stability. It detects structural "anti-patterns" (suspicious design elements) and provides dependency web browsing for detailed exploration of anti-patterns in the dependency web. SA4J also enables "what if" analysis in order to assess the impact of change on the functionality of the application; and it offers guidelines for package re-factoring."


    Metrics sourceforge
    eclipse plugin
  • showcase

    35589 web design screenshots online!

    Browsershots Showcase features more than 30,000 web designs for inspiration and they add 50-100 new entries every day. It's the largest and most updated web design & CSS gallery on the web.

  • using UML is the best way to keep everyone talking the same language and agreeing upon how to approach problems with an eye for consistency and easy-understanding for future developers.