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  • I have receive 3 email yesterday asking me how to integrate com_securityimages into the contact section

    just wondering how you have implemented the CAPtcha for this contact us form, i mean the integration of your wonderful component with the com_contact or the joomla/mambo contact us page...

    thanks for the compliments I always appreciate  :-)

    Some remarqs:
    • com_contact is a core component of Mambo/Joomla
    • com_contact has no extension mechanism, no way till today to plug code on the fly -> I must add 8 lines of ly code in a portion of code manually. I am doing this for You, and publish the latest Joomla version at joomlaforge
    • I have never tried to deinstall com_contact, (You can try if you want), and use the installer to install my modified version, I personnally prefer using FTP and overwrite files at the right place...since I am a developer I feel I have more control

    Download: com_contact HERE(choose the right version for You Joomla install) and overwrite file on your server