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  • GnGeo is a NeoGeo emulator for Linux (and maybe some other UNIX).
    It use the following cpu core:
    • The 68k core from the Generator project by James Ponder.
    • Starscream 680x0 emulation library by Neill Corlett.
    • Raze Z80 emulator by Richard Mitton.
    • Z80 Mame core from the Mame project.
    • YM2610 Mame core by Tatsuyuki Satoh.

    Finding the rpm for SuSe 9.3 is quite easy if You know The GnGeo specific page is here.

    You need to unzip the NeoGeo romset in /usr/share/gngeo in order to make it work. You will have to google a little bit, search for "neogeo bios rom" or download them at Spooman homepage or use emule (P2P).
    Copy NEO-GEO.ROM, ng-lo.rom, ng-sfix.rom and ng-sm1.rom to /usr/share/gngeoas root.

    GnGeo now has an experimental gui. You will find a menu entry in KDE/System/GnGeo.
    Please see the /usr/share/doc/packages/gngeo/sample_gngeorc for more information on how to use NeoRageX style Hotkeys.

  • The next in line for the NEOGEO legacy comes the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro. It’s an incredibly unique fighting stick in that it comes with fighting games pre-installed! It was inspired by the NEOGEO CD’s controller design and was blown up to fighting stick size. (W 430mm×D 215mm×H 125mm) Additionally, the arcade stick can switch between two modes: Arcade Stick Mode and Console Mode.

  • Jakks_Namco_TV_Games_Video_Game_System_00

    Simply plug in your Jakks Namco unit through RCA to your television, select a game from the menu and hit the fire button. A small body but with a great value for the price. It contains the following games:

    1. Pac-Man
    2. Galaxian
    3. Rally-X
    4. Dig Dug
    5. Bosconian
  • This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be continually edited if I add new items to my collection.



    Release Date: June 12, 2006

    Price paid: 0.5€




    Get your trigger-finger ready for the new SpongeBob SquarePants TV Games from JAKKS Pacific. SpongeBob SquarePants TV Games is a plug and play, 8-bit gaming system that contains five games all in the single joystick. This newest TV Game, based on Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, the no. 1 kids’ show on TV for kids' ages 2-11, has five unique games showcasing the popular sea sponge and his friends from Bikini Bottom.

  • HowTo transform your xBox
    into a Media Center
    with XBMC

    XboxMediaCenter is a free open source (GPL) multimedia player for the Xbox™ from Microsoft. Currently XboxMediaCenter can be used to play/view most popular video/audio/picture formats such as MPEG-1/2/4, DivX, XviD, MP3, AAC, JPG, GIF plus many more less known formats directly from a CD/DVD in Xbox DVD-ROM drive or of the Xbox harddrive, XBMC can also play files from a PC over a local network and even stream media streams directly from the internet. XBMC has playlist and slideshow functions, a weather forecast and many audio visualizations. All these features enable the Xbox™ running XboxMediaCenter to fully function as a multimedia jukebox. XBMC is easy to use, it's convenient, flexible and offers great price/performance ratio. (This, The XboxMediaCenter Project is also known as "Xbox Media Center" or simply "XBMC"). Note! XBMC is a hobby project that is only developed by volunteers in their spare-time for free. (Remember that XboxMediaCenter does require a modded Xbox to run on or it will not function).

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    xboxIconLegal Issues

    It is strictly forbidden to modify your xBox, sell or install mods chip in france. Even opening the XBOX is forbidden.
    Remember pirating is a crime, support the developers and film companies.

    xboxIconWhat does XBMC do? 


    What you will have to do: (green mandatory,blue optional)

    1. Buy a Xbox 
    2. open the Xbox (void garanty) 
    3. Install a modchip 
    4. flash a BIOS on modchip 
    5. Install a new dasboard with FTP support 
    6. backup original data found on C: with FTP to your PC 
    7. install and configure Xbox media center (XBMC) with FTP 
    8. Adapt scripts (XML files) for your network or shares drives 
    9. Install a streaming server on some PC or use Samba to access remote data (video, pictures and music) 
    10. Add a 3rd party 5:1 cable with digital output, RGB... 
    11. Install a bigger harddisk if you want to host more video, musicon the Xbox 
    12. Install a harddrive led 
    13. Configure internet 

    • Install Linux.... 

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    xboxIcon1. Buy a Xbox, required

    With chance, you can still find this pack from
    christmas 2004. Cost me 199euro

    No Games, but a video DVD is in the pack.
    Remote Controller pack, a lot more user
    friendly than the pad for this application..

    A xBox


    xbox wireless option
    Network cable, if you want to use your PC as a storage server. M$... sell also a wireless card.
    I was trying this streaming solution 10 minutes, then a strong headache forced me to stop it.

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    xboxIcon2. Open the Xbox (void the garanty)
    This is the cheaper version I've found. This is a
    Torx screwdriver

    time: 5 minutes

    Overall view, return the xBoxLocate the screws, 4 are under the
    gromets, 2 are under stickers.
    Use the allen #20
    All screws have the same length. 2 additionnal
    screws are under the sticker
    Remove the harddisk, only 1 screw.
    Use the allen #10
    Remove the DVD rom, only 2 screws
    Use the allen #10
    Ready to install the mods chip.

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    xboxIcon 3. Install a mods chip

    All mods-chips are more or less equal! I mean that some special restriction, like DVD region, macrovision, disk eject, run signed code (from M$ or 3rd party game company) or unsigned code (Linux, softwares and emulators) etc... are not controlled by the mod-chip itself but only by the BIOS (Basic Input Output System, this small program is responsibe for initializing devices, starting a kernel, and low level operations)...So what?
    Differences are:

    • Ease of installation (soldering may be required or not), 1st generation of chips (2000) use to have more than 50 cables, 2rd generation less than 15 cables and 3rd most of the time no soldering.
    • Onboard memory size (up to 2Mb for the latest generation) and number of BIOS you can store (up to 6 with different memory mapping : 6 bios of 256kb or 2 bios of 512kb and 4 of 256kb....)
    • The way you can flash a new BIOS (printer LPT port or USB or through the dashboard with a CD).
    • Possibility of extension: like adding a LCD panel (Xenium).

    Price range is from $20 (soldering required and only one bios like the Aladin) to $60 (2Mb, USB, 6 bios, LCD) for the most expensive.

    I choose theXbit because:
    • Xbit is Solderless (for all XBOX versions from 1.0 to 1.5): All You have to do is to position the chip correctly, and use 1 screw...In fact the double row of pogo pins (pins wih springs) are postionning the chip nearly alone.
    • Xbit accept BIOS up to 2Mb, you can have many bios in the onboard memory (6 memory mapping) and chose the one you prefer with dip-switches (6 configurations)
    • Has a USB interface while other has LPT or none (Some of them even sold the LPT bios loader separatly)

    Xecuter 3.0 was my first choice but it was not available at that time

    All manufacturer have great HowTo sections, for Xbit just follow instructions here:

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    xboxIcon4. Flash a Bios on the modchip

    Which BIOS?Nearly all mod-chip are shipped without a BIOS installed, in best case you get a cromwell BIOS (open source BIOS develop to boot linux), this is because of legal issues: a lot of BIOS are based on M$... hacked version. Here you can find a comparaison table of all functionnalities with a glossary of technicals terms

    Executer is a famous modchips builder and they provide their own BIOS free of charge, You can install it on all mods chips since they provide both binary image of 256kb and 512kb.

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    xboxIcon 5. Installing a new dashboard

    The M$... dashboard do not have: FTP (File Transfert Protocol) support, game backup, file explorer, linux loader, skins support etc... and can only run signed code.
    This is why You must install a new one:

    I have only tried EvolutionX and I am happy with it

    For installing EvolutionX, all you have to do is to locate on internet the file: SlaYer's EvoX Auto-Installer v2.5FINAL.iso (215Mb) and burn it on a DVD-RW or CD-RW.

    Boot your XBOX with this CD inside, and follow the onscreen menu. In 2 minutes, You can have EvolutionX, Linux, XBMP installed. You can even prepare a new and bigger harddisk with no efforts.

    You have now:
    C:As before, partition where the XBOX operating system is
    D:DVD drive
    E:Game save, original dashboard music and all third party applications: dvd reader, ftp, many players, some emulators (5Gb)
    F:If you have a disk bigger than 4Gb you will have some space to store Linux for example
    G:Available if you have a disk bigger than 120Gb
    X:Internal cache (768Mb)
    Y:Internal cache (768Mb)
    Z:Internal cache (768Mb)

    If You want that Avalaunch display your BIOS version in the first page,
    You need to open the file c:evox.ini . For the Executer 4981 BIOS add these 2 lines:
    Rom = "x2 4981.06",0xca25c9b3721da8c96c4770515dbcda07
    Rom = "x2 4981.67",0xb6eb9fb7b79795c962b7f998ee4a8694

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    xboxIcon6. Backup original data found on c: with FTP to your PC

    Connect your Xbox to the network!Using the remote controller or gamepad, you can go in evox "system preferences", this is the place where you can set the FTP server adress, password, DNS, gateway.

    • Use a fix IP, it should be something like 192.168.0.XXX with XXX from 2 to 255, use for example
    • Do not set the 2 DNS (Domain Name Server which is normally your router if you do not want to let your XBox have an access to internet.
    • You can not change te FTP login name ("xbox"), only the default password ("xbox") this is because the login "xbox" is encrypted in MD5, a page (FAQ) section let you change it in file fileserver.xml

    Save all changes (save changes is located at the end of the menu), and reboot your Xbox

    Attention: I use to have some instabilities with 2 different crossed Ethernet cable, in fact the FTP was instable and unusable (disconnect and time out problems), I am using a router-switch in the middle now and everything is working perfectly. This is probably due to a mass problem.

    Use your favorite FTP client (LeechFTP, CuteFTP,....) to connect to the XBOX, it is good idea to backup all files found under C: (default dashboard and RSA key pair for your machine)

    If you want to play withEvolutionX: add or translate for example some new entries in the main menu, edit the filec:evox.ini

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    xboxIcon7. Install and configure Xbox media center (XBMC) with FTP

    XBMP is now discontinued, a XBMB team decide to rewrite it and create XMBC

    XBMC review at Tomshardware

    "Xbox Media Center (XBMC) for Microsoft's Xbox game console turns the Xbox into a very capable
    multimedia jukebox, enabling it to play AVI (divx/xvid), MPEG, MP3, JPG and many other audio/video/picture file
    formats from CD/DVD, HD, a LAN or the internet

    For legal reasons, you can only download XBMC source code, but not the binary since the SDK of Microsoft do
    not allow You to distribute binary. The open-source community is currently creating an open source SDK: the XDK.

    How to find binaries:

    • Try to find it on P2P network : eMule, eDonkey or
    • make a light distribution (without codecs, scripts and skins) or
    • If you want to have always the latest build (risky it may not be a stable version since it reflect the current state of development) : or
    • Compile it yourself with XBOX SDK and Visual C++ if you own a M$ license ;-)

    How to install it:

    • XBMC is ONLY a directory, copy it to e:/apps/XBMC for example and add an entry in c:/evox.ini
      section "Root"
      Item "Multimedia Station","e:/Apps/XBMCdefault.xbe"
    • Reboot and you're done.
    • If you have problem with XBMC, please first read the Frequently asked questions first:


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    xboxIcon8. Adapt scripts (XML files) for your network or shares drives

    XMBC configuration is done through a XML file (a plain text file heavily structured with some special tags),
    this file is in e:/apps/XBMCXboxMediaCenter.xml

    The purpose of this file is to tell the player where to find digital content, because your multimedia files
    can be stored on the XBOX or on the network:

    HardDiskC: or E: or F:
    Digital StorageD: (DVD)
    D: (ISO mode)
    D: (UDF mode)
    streaming protocols
    XNSThe first streaming protocol.
    XBMS"A new network protocol for media streaming named XB Media Streaming Protocol (XBMSP) developed by PuhPuh in discussion with RUNTiME & Pope-X.
    XBMSP is a more simplistic & faster protocol than the XNS protocol currently used by XboxMediaPlayer. Though XBMSP has not replaced XNS it can be used by future XStream Servers to share media files to XboxMediaPlayer. PuhPuh has also developed XSteam test server called "ccXStream" that uses the XBMSP protocol." from 
    SAMBAAn open source implementation of the SMB file sharing protocol that provides file and print services. Samba allows a non-Windows server to communicate with the same networking protocol as the Windows products.
    Samba was originally developed for UNIX but can now run on Linux, FreeBSD and other UNIX variants. It is freely available under the GNU General Public License. XBMC has an integrated SAMBA client and support natively Samba drive

    This file contains a documentation and is quite easy to modify.

    Attentionwhen you copy digital content to the Xbox harddrive with FTP, the filesystem (FAT-X) has a lot
    of limitations! no name up to 43 characters, no special character < > = ? : ; " * + , / | and avoid accents too...

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    xboxIcon9. Install a streaming server on some PC or use Samba to access remote data

    A list of all available tools can be found on

    Personnaly I have only use Relax pre 0.76, I ran into problem with NFS protocol and was not convince
    by its efficiency (speed of access and streaming). I decide to try Samba (smb://) and it works perfectly since!

    1. open e:/appsXBMCXboxMediaCenter.xml
    2. At the end of the file, locate the bookmark section.
    3. Example of bookmark
      smb://xbox:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..0.4/EOLE/

      • xbox is the windows/linux/macintosh user name (this user must exist)
      • k7sEP1zY is the password, do not use ';' as this has a signification in the smb:// url (use to specify a network domain)
      • is the fix IP of the server (nearly all router can assign a fix IP adress to a Ethernet card) Here this adress is one of my PC
      • EOLE: is the name of one of my share drive,  Share drive name are not mandatory!

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    xboxIcon10. Add a 3rd party 5:1 cable with digital output, RGB...

    XBOX HIFI STATION RGB / SVHS / Optical / Coax / Component

    • RGB SCART output
    • Gold contacts
    • Optical output / coax output for 5.1 Dolby Digital
    • S-Video/SVHS output
    • COMPOSITE output
    • Audio-output
    • COMPONENT Y/Pr/Pb for videoprojector
      less than 20euroHERE !!!

    I bought this one

    Xbox RGB-Pro-Advanced cable
    • RGB-SCART-cable
    • Gold contacts
    • Optical audio output DolbyDigital 5.1/AC2 Receiver
    • Audio/Video Chinch ouput
    • SVHS output
      less than 18euroHERE !!!

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    xboxIcon11. Install a bigger harddrive

    1. Boot Xbox with the original hard disk,
    2. With FTP save everything from C: and E:: on your local PC, If you want to reuse this old disk (8Gb of free space), do not forget with SlaYer's EvoX Auto-Installer v2.5FINAL.isoto unlock the harddisk before removing it from the XBOX otherwise it is unusable.
    3. Install the new hard disk in the case,
    4. Using the CD which contains with the CD containing SlaYer's EvoX Auto-Installer v2.5FINAL.iso,boot the Xbox and choose "Initialize new disk",
    5. Restart the Xbox without any CD after completion,
    6. Using FTP, copy everything back to C: and E:

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    xboxIcon12. Install a harddrive LED

    see Add a led to your Xbox to see hard disk activity 

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    xboxIcon13. Configure Internet

    All You have to do is to specify the gateway and DNS in the dashboard. If XBMC configuration file (e:/appsXBMCXboxMediaCenter.xml) do not contains any gateway or DNS it will use the dashboard settings.

    1. Set the Internet settings  in the dashboard. OR
    2. Set the Internet settings in XBMC
    1: Set the Internet settings  in the dashboard.

    • A is a FIX IP adress assign by the router to the XBOX
    • B is a constant. aka always the same value:
    • C is the IP adress of my router gateway, it should be as default for NetGear and for US robotics. Default Gateway and DNS MUST have  the same adress. The DNS function is explained here [Wikipedia]

    2: Set the Internet settings  in XBMC.
    go into the settings panels of XBMC under internet protocol

    A  if you already set the DNS, gateway, IP in the dashboard  (point 1 above)

    if you prefer to set the DNS, gateway, IP in XBMC  (same values as in point 1 above)

    ChooseC if you prefer to let the system find DNS, gateway, IP, Your gateway must have DHCP enable!

    If everything is working, You should:

    • See some news (RSS) in the frontpage of XBMC,
    • Be able to query the meteo status.
    I recommend you to set the IPadress here (for example or use you router so your XBOX has always the same adress.

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    xboxIcon Install Linux

    Installing Linux is not needed to run XBMC, It is just a possibility among other the xbox has.

    1. So you want a cheap linux box, a small webserver to host your internet page, creating a cluster, etc... You may want to install Linux on Your Xbox
    2. You just want to play multimedia content and only have the standard harddisk (8Gb), You will only have enough storage on harddisk to install XBMC
    3. You are already addict to Linux and have a bigger harddisk (like 80Gb or 160Gb) - You can install both! XBMC and Linux!

    Here are some very good tutorials: Linux Debian on Xbox

    xboxIcon 15. Frequently asked questions

    I've load a bad/corrupt skins and can not change it in the graphical user interface of XBMC!
    Search in E:/TDATA/in all directories for a file settings.xml (on mine Xbox it was in E:/TDATA/0face008) and edit this file


    change the skins name to the previous which was working, and then restart XBMC

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    xboxIcon Not required but...

    You may want to :

    • Change the Fan because it is too noisy in a home cinema setup...
    • Connect USB devices: keyboard and mouse, in order to use linux. Some interface are now available ($15) or you can build it yourself (soldering required)
    • Replace the genuine DVD rom, in order to have a better compatibility with CD-CDRW (the genuine drive Samsung read correctly only closed sessions discs, other do not read CDR)

    {mosgoogle center}

    xboxIcon Helping the community
    There is surely something for you!

    • Help at the code level,
    • Create more skins, logos
    • Write documentations, tutorials.
    • Translations of interface, manuals...,
    • Help newbies in forums,
    • And pay some games instead of copying them!

    {mosgoogle center}

    xboxIcon Thanks

    My thanks goes first to M$... for having created such a device, and think that nobody will ever crack its protections schemes. Then to the community which always do a great job and is creating a lot of good releases in all domains.

    {mosgoogle center}

    xboxIcon Xbox Linux clusters

    A lot of people want to create farms of Xbox to resolve some complex challenges (like Seti at Home, RSA key crack)

    xboxIcon Emulation SNES

    xboxIcon Links Official XBOX site The REFERENCE site, if you visit only one, this MUST be the one! the best, oldest, constantly improved mod chip available.,24330,3420568,00.html XBMP Review at techTV, some video can be download. Host the source code of the project. open-sourced Windows(Win32) port of Xbox Media Center, named Media Portal. All about mods chips in general Avalauch community Team Avalaunch (dashboard) OpenXDK is an Open Source, Free, Legal Xbox Development Kit. OpenXDK is being developed to facilitate hobbyist and "homebrew" coding for the Microsoft XBox.

  • Happiest I am currently playing a lot with Little Big Planet, you can find me there with my
    PSN ID:


    PSN ID is a reference to ELTA the last Magician Lord in the 1991 SNK game

    In between...

    For all of you wanting to learn how to create better levels, Sony has started a new site LittleBigWorkshop
    LittleBigWorkshop is your personal creative canvas to inspire ingenuity, creative synergy, or for those of you
    who are just curious.&160;

    Want to customize your SackBoy? then head to This Little Big Planet
    site which lets you create your own little SackBoy

    Also new costumes are coming (unfortunately from $0.99 to $1.99)


    Hope someone will one day reverse engineered the server protocol to see also different content (good or bad the
    world shall not be controlled too much)

  • The CDZ was released in 1996 as the Japanese market replacement for SNK's previous efforts (the "front loader" and the "top loader"). The Neo Geo CD had met with limited success due to it being plagued by slow loading times that could vary from 30 to 60 seconds between levels, depending on the game. Although SNK's American home entertainment division quickly acknowledged that the system simply wasn't capable of competing with 3D-capable powerhouse systems of the day like Sega's Saturn and Sony's PlayStation, SNK corporate of Japan felt they could continue to maintain profitable sales in the Japanese home market by shortening the previous system's load-times.

    Popular speculation suggests that SNK made several changes to the CD hardware to end up with the CDZ, most prominent is the rumor that they increased the CD-ROM drive speed from 1x to 2x. The truth of the matter is that the CDZ had a larger amount of cache. Though the CD-ROM motor in the CDZ may have been more efficient than the one in the original, it was still a 1x speed CD-ROM.

    The console had a design flaw which sometimes caused it to overheat after certain periods of time, breaking the console in the process and making it hard to repair. This was a result of a lack of ventilation in the cramped housing of the smaller unit and the inability to dissipate heat generated by the newer drive, which could damage the circuit board.











    CDZ availability

    The CDZ was only officially sold in Japan during its production. However, its lack of a "region lock," and the fact that it could play older CD software, made it a popular import item for enthusiasts in Europe and North America. Today they can be found sporadically on the internet, especially through auction sites such as eBay.


    Technical specifications

    • Main Processor: Motorola 68000 running at 12 MHz
      • Although the 68000 CPU was designed by Motorola, there were many other clones of this CPU found in the Neo Geo hardware. The most common CPU is the TMP68HC000 manufactured by Toshiba. This is essentially a Motorola 68000 clone.
    • Co-Processor: Zilog Z80 running at 4 MHz
    • Colors On Screen: 4,096
    • Colors Available: 65,536
    • Resolution: 304 x 224
    • Max Sprites: 380
    • Max Sprite Size: 16 x 512
    • Number of Planes: 3

    The system is also capable of reading Redbook standard compact disc audio.

    In addition to the multi-AV port all Neo Geo CD models had composite RCA A/V and S-Video out jacks on the rear of the console.

    The CD system's 58 Mbit / 7 MB of RAM was split accordingly:

    • 68000 Program Memory: 2 MB
    • Fix Layer Memory: 128 KB
    • Graphics Memory: 4 MB
    • Sound Sample Memory: 1 MB
    • Z80 Program Memory: 64 kB
    • VRAM: 512Kb (For graphics attributes)
    • SRAM: 2 KB (For high scores / general save data)

    © Copyright Authors - Source : – Article under CC-BY-SA

    Bought on eBay with 21 CD games.

  • The Neo Geo mini is a dedicated miniature home arcade console developed by SNK as part of the company's 40th Anniversary celebration, released on July 24, 2018. The design for the Neo Geo Mini is inspired by the original MVS arcade cabinet, with a joystick style controller, stereo speakers, and a 3.5 inch display. Each side has a USB-C port for controller support, while the back of the unit features the power switch, a USB-C port to power the unit, a headphone jack, and a mini-HDMI port to connect to an HD television. Aside from the Mini itself, the package includes a USB power cable, two mini-marquee stickers that can be placed directly above the screen, and a Neo Geo sticker.
    • Available to collect in three translucent variations: haohmaru (White), nakoruru (red), and ukyo tachibana (blue).
    • Features 40 Classic titles including all six Samurai Shodown games which released on the NEOGEO platform
    • Includes two Controllers, One collectable character card, One HDMI cable, One USB power cable, One anti-slip cushion and one character sticker.
  • The Neo Geo Pocket was SNK's first hand held video game system, released in Japan in late 1998; however, lower than expected sales resulted in its discontinuation in 1999,and was immediately succeeded by the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The system only had a retail release within the Japan and Hong Kong market.

    Side by side, a Neo Geo Pocket on the left side and a Neo Geo Pocket Color

  • In bold games I already have, Contact me if you have any items I do not own.




    Games List with names

    English/Japanese Title
    JP UK
    1 King of Fighters R-1

    2 Neo Geo Cup '98

    3 &160;

    4 Melon-Chan's Growth Diary

    5 Master of Syougi

    6 &160;

    7 Baseball Stars

    8 Samurai Shodown!/Samurai Spirits

    9 Pocket Tennis

    10 Biomotor Unitron

    11 Fatal Fury 1st Contact

    12 Puzzle Tsunagete Pon!

    13 &160;

    14 Neo Cherry Master

    15 Neo Dragon's Wild

    16 Neo Mystery Bonus

    17 Neo Derby Champion Horse Racing

    18 Neo 21

    19 Neo Baccarat

    20 Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble Mini X

    21 Metal Slug 1st Mission

    22 Neo Geo Cup '98 PLUS

    23 King of Fighter R-2

    24 Neo Cherry Master Color

    25 Baseball Stars Color

    26 Neo Poke Pro Yakyuu

    27 Master of Syougi Color

    28 Pocket Tennis Color

    29 Puzzle Tsunagete Pon! Color

    30 Samurai Shodown! II/Samurai Spirits II

    31 Bust-A-Move Pocket

    32 Party Mail

    33 Dokodemo Mahjong Color

    34 &160;

    35 Neo Turf Masters/Big Tournament Golf

    36 Dive Alert:&160; Burn

    37 Dive Alert:&160; Rebecca

    38 Crush Roller Pocket

    39 Neo Geo Cup '98 PLUS Color

    40 Shanghai Mini

    41 Puyo Pop/ Puyo Puyo

    42 &160;

    43 &160;

    44 Pocket Love IF

    45 Dark Arms ~Beast Buster 1999~

    46 Pachinko Pocket Parlor Guide

    47 &160;

    48 Magical Drop Pocket

    49 Puzzle Tsunagete Pon! 2

    50 Kikouseki Unitron (Biomotor Unitron II) X

    51 Faselei!

    52 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - Hanabi

    53 Biomotor Unitron

    54 Puzzle Link

    55 Pacman

    56 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash SNK

    57 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash Capcom

    58 Magical Drop Pocket

    59 Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

    60 Densha de Go! 2

    61 Metal Slug 2nd Mission

    62 Mizuki Shigeru's Ghost Photo Gallery

    63 Mezase! Kanji-Ou X

    64 Last Blade ~Beyond the Destiny~

    65 Gals' Fighters

    66 Big Bang Pro Wrestling

    67 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash SNK

    68 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash Capcom

    69 SNK vs Capcom Match of the Millenium

    70 Neo 21

    71 Dynamite Sluggaer (Dynamite Slugger)

    72 &160;

    73 Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

    74 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - Azteca X

    75 Cool Boarders Pocket

    76 Puzzle Link 2 / Tsunagete Pon! 2

    77 &160;

    78 Soreike! Hanafuda Dojo

    79 Pocket Reversi

    80 Cotton

    81 Oekaki Puzzle (Picture Puzzle)

    82 Evolution ~Eternal Dungeons~

    83 Bikkuriman 2000 Viva! Pocket Festiva!

    84 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - Ward of Lights X

    85 Ogre Battle Gaiden

    86 &160;

    87 Memories Off Pure

    88 Dive Alert Matt's Version

    89 Dive Alert Becky's Version

    90 Faselei!

    91 Koi Koi Mahjong

    92 King of Fighters Battle de Paradise

    93 Gals' Fighters

    94 Rockman Battle and Fighters

    95 Last Blade ~Beyond the Destiny~

    96 Nige-Ron-Pa

    97 Ganbare Neo Poke Kun

    98 Neo Baccarat

    99 Evolution ~Eternal Dungeons~

    100 Cool Cool Jam

    101 &160;

    102 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - Porcano 2

    103 Delta Warp

    104 Pocket Reversi

    105 Cotton

    106 Picture Puzzle / Oekaki Puzzle

    107 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - Desol 2

    108 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - Dekahel 2

    109 Infinity Cure

    110 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - Oo Hanabi

    111 Super Real Mahjong

    112 PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom - E-Cup

    113 &160;

    114 &160;

    115 &160;

    116 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash 2:&160; Expand Edition

    Best Collection Releases (Japan Only)
    117 Fatal Fury: 1st Contact

    217 Metal Slug 1st Mission

    307 Samurai Shodown! 2 / Samurai Spirits 2

    567 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash SNK

    577 SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash Capcom

    617 Metal Slug 2nd Mission

    647 Last Blade

    657 Gals Fighters

    697 SNK vs Capcom Match of the Millenium

  • NGXG_logo

    NEOGEO X GOLD ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Announced for Worldwide Distribution

    Tommo Inc. sets release date and price for revolutionary gaming "system within a system"

    Los Angeles, Calif. - August 13, 2012 -Tommo, Inc., in partnership with SNK PLAYMORE, today confirmed that the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system is scheduled for a worldwide release this December. Following the 20th anniversary of the ground breaking NEOGEO AES console, the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system provides players with all of the features of a home arcade and the convenience of a handheld gaming device. The NEOGEO X GOLDentertainment system is set for a worldwide release on December 6, 2012 for a suggested retail price of $199.99 (USD).

    The NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system comes complete with the NEOGEO X Station, the NEOGEO X Handheld with 20 pre-loaded NEOGEO classic titles, and the NEOGEO X Joystick. In addition to coming pre-loaded with 20 NEOGEO classic titles, the NEOGEO X Handheld device features a crisp 4.3" LCD display, an expandable game card slot, internal stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for a personal gaming experience you can take anywhere. The NEOGEO X Handheld device works with the NEOGEO X Joystick and NEOGEO X Station to charge the handheld device and transfer the action directly to a television set or monitor, viaHDMI or A/V out, for a true arcade experience right at home.


    The full list of NEOGEO X Handheld pre-installed games is as follows:

    1. 3 COUNT BOUT
    9. CYBER LIP
    10. NAM 1975
    11. FATAL FURY
    12. PUZZLED

    "Great game consoles don't die; they're just reborn in much more affordable and convenient packages," said Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan. "The NEOGEO X GOLD is a love letter to one of my favorite consoles of all time, and working with SNK PLAYMORE to acquire the NEOGEO license, Tommo Inc. looks to provide gaming and entertainment enthusiasts with a classic arcade experience both at home and on the go."

    Distribution of the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system for European and Asian territories will be handled exclusively by BLAZE and Success Company. North American distribution of the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system will be handled exclusively by Tommo, Inc..

    For the latest news as it is released, and for additional information regarding theNEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system, please visit:



    Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION (SNK) develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. Founded in 1978, SNK is one of the largest privately held interactive entertainment content providers in the world.

    Known for such franchises as THE KING OF FIGHTERS, METAL SLUG, and SAMURAI SHODOWN SNK continues to be an industry leader by focusing on their rich arcade history. More information on SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION can be found at SNK PLAYMORE USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION.

    About Tommo, Inc.:

    tommo logo

    With over 20 years of experience in logistics and sales, a knowledgeable staff and sales representatives available nationwide, Tommo Inc. is one of North America's largest distributors of video gaming merchandises. Founded in 1989, Tommo has grown from a wholesaler of imported video games to becoming one of the nation's main suppliers of video gaming content to national retail chain stores as well as independent retailers.

    About BLAZE:
    Founded by Jason Cooper over 20 years ago, BLAZE now specializes in the creation and distribution of retro gaming devices. BLAZE currently distribute SEGA and ATARI branded consoles and, in Q1 2012, are set to release the "Gamegadget" games console, billed as the "iPod for games"

    About Success Company:
    Based in Hong Kong, Success Company are specialists in the distribution of all video games formats throughout the Asian region.


    © SNK PLAYMORE "NEOGEO" is a registered trademark of SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION. Used under license from SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION.

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Direct from retailers all over the world, VGChart present the latest next-gen console sales:

    XBOX 360 0.38m Japan
    5.88m Americas
    3.40m Others
    1.98m Japan
    2.37m Americas
    1.68m Others

    0.83m Japan
    1.32m Americas
    0.52m Others

    Nintendo DS

    15.95m Japan
    11.41m Americas
    11.95m Others
    5.42m Japan
    7.95m Americas
    7.53m Others

    there is just a small eror in PS3 worldwide sales chart,  I know someone that has bought a PS3 an it is still not counted ;-)
    more pictures soon.

  • IMG_3225

    The Pokémon Pikachu Nintendo 64 had a large, yellow Pikachu model on a blue Nintendo 64.It has a different footprint than the standard Nintendo 64 console, and the Expansion Pak port is covered. It also shipped with a blue Pokémon controller; orange in Japan.

    The limited-edition yellow-and-blue console features a raised-relief Pikachu on top. Turn the power on by using the Poké Ball on/off switch, and Pikachu's cheeks light up. Just press Pikachu's foot to reset the console.

    This items is like new in a BOX, a  real collector item

    IMG_3224  IMG_3226

  • This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be continually edited if I add new items to my collection.


    Price paid: 20€ for 2 NES, cables, power, 1 Zapper Gun, 4 games






    The Nintendo Entertainment System (abbreviated to NES or Nintendo) is an 8-bit video game console that was released by Nintendo in North America, Europe and Australia in 1985. In most of Asia, including Japan (where it was first launched in1983), China, Vietnam, Singapore, Middle East and Hong Kong, it was released as the Family Computer (ファミリーコンピュータ Famirī Konpyūta?), commonly abbreviated as the Famicom. [Wikipedia]

    The NES Zapper

    a light gun accessory, as new

    IMG_3061 IMG_3062


    There is 798 games available


    I own




    Super Mario playable

  • nintendo_nes_four_score_00

    Many NES games can be played by more than two people. But also some Nintendo NES games were specially designed to make use of the NES Four Score. This allows four to play simultaneously.

    • Bomberman 2
    • Championship Bowling
    • Fast Break
    • Gauntlet II
    • Golf Power
    • Harlem Globetrotters
    • Indy Heat
    • Kings of the Beach
    • M.U.L.E.
    • Monster Truck Rally
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Play Action Football
    • Pro Am 2
    • Roundball Spot
    • Super Jeopardy
    • Super Off Road
    • Superspike Volleyball
    • Swords and Serpents
    • Top Player Tennis
    • World Cup
  • nintendo_nes_00

    All the following games are using an internal CR2032 battery to keep game saves. I highly recommend you to invest into a Nintendo special screwdriver to be able to replace and remove the battery if needed

    Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing
    Bard's Tale
    Base Wars
    Baseball Simulator 1.000
    Baseball Stars
    Baseball Stars 2
    Deja Vu
    Destiny of an Emporer
    Dragon Warrior
    Dragon Warrior II
    Dragon Warrior III
    Dragon Warrior IV
    Dungeon Magic
    Final Fantasy
    Formula One Built to Win
    Genghis Kahn
    Ghost Lion
    Gold Medal Challenge '92
    Golf Power
    Heroes of the Lance
    Kirby's Adventure
    Maniac Mansion
    Might &Magic
    NES Open Golf
    Nobunaga's Ambition
    Nobunaga's Ambition 2
    Pool of Radiance
    Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
    Romance of the 3 Kingdoms 2
    Shingen the Ruler
    Star Tropics
    Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge
    Tecmo NBA Basketball
    Tecmo Super Bowl
    Ultima: Exodus
    Ultima: Quest of the Avatar
    Ultima: Warriors of Destiny
    Uncharted Waters
    Wario's Woods
    Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
    Wizardry 2: Knight of Diamonds
    Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link