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  • A good paper on migrating to linux on the desktop using Wine where it is needed...

     With the increasing interest in the value that Linux can bring to the enterprise, companies need to assess likely migration strategies. Technologies that allow the reuse of Windows applications, and Wine in particular, are a key component to such migrations. This whitepaper examines the requirements for enterprise migration on the desktop. It examines a full range of available tactics, including Wine, and then suggests strategies for making the journey in ways that are pragmatic, economical, and customer focused.More at Dekstop Linux

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    The Joomla Site Showcase is a free service provided for the Joomla community to show off the power and extensibility of Joomla. Any person or company is welcome to submit their site (currently 1001 are listed) for inclusion in the showcase. if you are still not convinced that Joomla! will fulfill your needs, or want to compare it against Drupal, Word Press or any other CMS/Blog, then the visit may be worth!

    Another interesting collection of sites is this Joomla Resource Directory promoting sites offering or selling Joomla extensions, templates, or services.