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    I did code a small PHP script that should be use in a Cron and that use the component Joomla tags of Phil Taylor to output a Flash Tag Cloud !

    How it works

    A small php scripts joomlatags.php run regularly and output a XML file (tags.xml) that will be displayed by tagcloud.swf. This script is currently hardcoded to work with Joomla Tags from Phil Taylor but can be changed according to your needs.



    Tag cloud generator

    Put the file joomlatags.php OUTSIDE of the root of your site. It must NOT be accessible to by the web server, as it contains the Mysql password in plain text!

    Open the file joomlatags.php and change the settings at the beginning of the file, the most important settings are well documented.

    Decide how often you would like to update the cloud, and define a Unix Crontab, for example If I would like to refresh my tag cloud at one o’clock in the night, I may define 1 0 * * * *  php /pathto/joomlatags.php

    Tag cloud viewer

    Copy all others files to the root or directory accessible by apache.

    • index.php
    • swfobject.js
    • tagcloud_serif.swf
    • tagcloud.swf
    • tags.xml

    Run at least once the Tag Cloud Generator joomlatags.php

    Point your browser to the location where you place index.php



    I have more than 1000 tags defined, so in order to keep MY cloud readable, the script joomlatags.php either

    • Allow you to remove tags that are not enough represented
      //tags below this threshold wont be displayed in cloud
      $mintagCount = 2;
    • Or limit the number of entries with SQL
      limit 0, 100;

    Don’t output too much tags or it may be slow on some machine.

    Output is different in some browser: try Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera. Only Firefox render differently the cloud than all others browser.


    Based on

    Based on Roy Tanck's ( Wordpress 3D flash tag cloud plug-in, swfobject.js by Geoff Stearns ( for the embedding of the tag cloud.


  • The module RSS friends (mod_rssfriends) give the opportunity to Your visitors to add Your RSS to the most popular RSS socialnet.....

    version 1.0.0 in my downloads section.

  • social.ranking

    Social ranking is crucial because it can be thought of as a measurement of your influence as far as social networks go. I found a site while Googling that try to measure this social value. it is always good to know where you are, and how you compare to others.






    BuildStats will provide you with free site information for your or a competitors' site, using multiple resources.The site information will highlight on page and off page SEO and well as social resources that track your site's popularity across the web.To get free site information, enter your domain in the bar above.

    Interesting are some figures of my home page, like indexed pages in some search engine

    • Google: 7,120 pages
    • Yahoo!: 46,200 pages
    • Bing: 35,300 pages; Social Rank: 3/10

    but what catch my eyes was the estimated value: $ 2,058,000&160;&160; (Value (beta): $2,058,000), yes 2 MILLIONS DOLLARS :-)

    The most popular site out there are for sure pushing the algorithm to a crash:

    This has giving me news ideas for my site, as I have currently issues to answer questions into my forums, build server are not running fully, My Atlassian Jira is not used as I would like..

    Starting next week, I have decide to improve my social network:

    • Unified login across all my subdomains (27 but only 6 require a logging). Log only once and profit from Wiki, forums, Jira, build server, demo servers
    • Allow you to log yourself into my Joomla! so I will be able to send you all a newsletter once a months,
    • Promoting RSS feed, not all users know how to register, a Forums RSS feed would be nice for me,
    • A Real-time board where you will be able to chat with me when I am online (I will make a try, hope to not be flooded)
    • Eventually a paid support channel for my Joomla! component, will be cheap, it is more to limit support requests as I don’t need really money but more time!
    • Finish hopefully my Joomla! developer environment and offer it as a download.
  • Witness the biggest and greatest office confrontation EVER!

    The Great Office War from Runawaybox on Vimeo.
  • Based on the same idea as the World Stats Clock (but a lot less depressive to watch), here a nice widget that maybe talk a bit too much for me, but provide some insight on what is currently happening now in different domain.

    This is NOW


  • china.flag&160;I got contacted bywww.joomlagate.comand I think my answers may be interesting before they get translated in Chinese :-)

    Hello! Cedric Walter,&160;
    Thanks for your efforts on Joomla! related projects.
    In order to show our appreciation, we want to add you to the Joomla People list.
    Joomla People is a list built by Our purpose is to introduce most valuable developers, translators, leaders, etc, all those who contributed to Joomla community, especially those who released their
    work as free software, to our Chinese Joomla users. We want Chinese Joomla users recognize and remember you all, and learn from your works, your spirit and your words.
    Our website,, is one of the biggest and popular Joomla website in China. We have more than 12 thousands of registered members at present. We believe that your story will inspire many Joomla
    users and developers in our country.
    It is our pleasure to add you in this list. If you allow us to do this, please provide some personal information about you. We will give you some guideline but you can feel free to write down anything you want to
    say to Chinese Joomla users. You can use your native language, we will try to translate them into Chinese.
    Finally your original comments and our translation will both be published together.
    We hope you can inform us of following items (of course you can keep your privacy by skip any of them):

    1. Your Name, nickname, or anything you want other people think that is you. Your birth date.

    C&233;dric Walter aka Elta on some forums (taken from the Last Magician Lord, a game of SNK of 1991) but my developer nickname is Cedric.Walter on

    2. Country, State, City. If you belongs to any special ethnic group, you can describe it too.

    I am living in Zurich in the beautiful country of Switzerland but I am french and start living there only 4 years ago.

    3. Your company website, or link to your blog, your project site, or any other link related to your Joomla works.



    Joomla work: a lot of project, at joomla extension ( my developer name is cedric_walter

    -> Joomla! 1.0 projects owner all are more now in maintenance mode, as I am adding new features in Joomla! 1.5 native versions only, but most of them, if not all, work in legacy mode.

    -> Joomla! 1.5 projects owner

    Some links as example to JED

    Security Images: THE CAPTCHA engine&160;

    -> Projects where I am also developer

    !joomlcomment&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;;&160; (commenting system ajax)
    com_version manager; (From Soeren of Virtuemart)

    4. your photo, at least&160; 800*600 px size. If you want to offer more than one photograph, we also welcome that.

    just visit my gallery :-)

    5. If you want to talk to us in a short video, you can send that video to me, or give me a link of You tube page, or the download link of your video, in case you can't send such a large video file via email.

    6.What did you do for Joomla community ? ( details preferred )

    I was the first one to solve spamming issue in all FORMS of Mambo CMS in 2004, first with my component HashCash then rapidly by starting SecurityImages component. After Mambo forking, I did move all my projects the first day Joomla! was created following the open source movement. All my code is always released&160; under GPL v2/v3. I do also maintain a forum (more than 1000 users and a WIKI and I am also famous for my articles on how to secure Joomla! and Linux server boxes. I really like to learn continuously new things and share my know how by writing blog entries.

    What explains the number of Joomla! projects I am maintaining is that I am always trying first to solve issues in my homepage, but then rapidly make a component out of it for the community. The most ambitious project is currently the start of a framework that allow Joomla! projects to be continuously build and reduce code regressions.

    7.How do you think about Joomla and it's future? ( details preferred )

    I think the future is bright, but I would like to see more stuff going into the core libraries and also the start of continuous build that will ensure Joomla! releases to occur often.

    8. What do you want to say to Chinese Joomla users ?

    Just to say Hi to ALL of you, hope to be one day traveling to your beautiful country :-)

    9. If you have a team, or a company, you can introduce it too.

    I am working at, as a Java J2EE senior solution architect.
    A growing software company focused on the insurance industry, based in Zurich, Switzerland and privately held by its founding members. We base ourselves on long experience in the insurance industry, technology and architecture (SOA).

    Our international, very experienced team, is acting throughout Europe and beyond. We deliver an industry-specific IT platform and related services; we are focused on the Western European insurance market. Innoveo is dedicated to enabling the insurance business through technology. Starting in 2000, we have rapidly built an industry-reference platform that handles &8364; billions in offer volume today and serves as the basis for a wide variety of business applications.
    We do our best to deliver maximum value to your business, by continuously innovating, providing our clients with flexible solutions, and designing our products/services to match industry trends and strategic needs. With a research & development team consisting of top-level engineers and a management team that understands both insurance and technology, we aim to partner with our clients and partners both at business and technology level.
    We have built our team around expertise; in insurance business, in technology, in architecture and engineering as well as in client service.

    10.Any information else you want us to forward to Chinese Joomla Community.

    Keep the Joomla! spirit: help you each other all around the world and contribute back a bit of your time to keep Joomla! a healthy open source project!

    In addition, if you think one of your colleagues or friends, who had also contributed a lot to Joomla community and should be added to this list, please feel free forward this invitation to him/her, we will alsoadd him/her to our list.
    Thank you very much. We are looking forward for your reply and hope we can introduce you to Chinese Joomla community soon.