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    "Nespresso-like" capsules are quite good, at least to ME!
    From Left to Right: Original Nespresso – Denner Capsules – Casino


    Denner capsules are individually packed. They are not air-tight as on opening the packing one is greeted with the fragrance of coffee. They are made of plastic  not aluminium for most of it like Nespresso ones.

    The coffee do NOT take longer to fill up the cup, and I use the cheapest Magimix Essenza Nespresso Machine. I will soon make a video to prove it.


    I bought three different types of the four on offer and they all taste very good and strong with a lot of aroma. You save more or less 25% per cup compare to Nespresso capsules

    Casino capsules  are the one I dislike the most, not enough foam, do not taste like an espresso to me.

    My Conclusions

    Buy one packages of each to try, don’t listen to forums entries around the internetsince a lot of entries are being written by professional blogger paid for manipulating YOU. They are driven among other by Community Manager (and they act in all domains). Try and decide yourself! I will personally continue to buy both brand. I will update this page as soon as I went through more than 100 cups of coffee.


    Cheap packaging, but hey why would you like to pay more for a box that will end up anyway in the waste?


    and the capsules packaging:


    Others Capsules on the market, not tested

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    My Saeco Incanto Sirius coffee machine died after a bit more than 1517 coffee and 5 years of low usage.  Since I paid 1500CHF for this machine, not counting the electricity, the coffee beans, this bring the cup to more than 1CHF.

    The machine is now ready to be sent to the repairing factory, just hoping they wont ask for an huge amount of cash to bring it back to life. Risk is high that I go next for a Nespresso machine

    How to access the Saeco Service Menu

    In this menu you can change all parameters of the machine, amount of water and coffee, temperature


    You need to turn off the machine. Hold your fingers on button 1, 4 and 6 at the same time en turn the machine on. ( Button 1 to 3 is the upper row from left to right, and 4 to 6 is the lower row from left to right). Now you can browse through the machine settings with button 4 or 5.

    Diagnostics menu Incanto Sirius

    N ° 1 coffee long pulses 480 Number of turbine pulses COFFEE.
    1 espresso N ° pulses 160 Number of turbine pulses espresso.
    1 Coffee N ° pulses 350 Number of turbine pulses coffee.
    Heating parameters K1 8 Slope of the heating heater coffee / hot water. The higher the hotter.
    Heating parameters K2 30 Slope of the heating steam heater. As high as steam desired.
    Heating sensor calibration 96  
    Normal temp ° C 88 Temperature of the coffee in setting 'Temp' normal 'in the user menu.
    High Temp ° C 109 Temperature of the coffee in setting 'high temp' in the user menu.
    Temp 1 ° Coffee ° C 117 Temperature of the first coffee after prolonged disuse.
    Steam Temp ° C 125 Temperature of the water vapor.
    Temp rise ° C   Increase to the current temperature before brewing process repeated for the heat
    Record count nn Since the last announcement Dreg drawer empty 'coffee are nn been prepared.
    Set Stop 12 After 12 Coffee shows' Dreg drawer Empty 'in the display.
    espresso nnn Number of Espresso done
    coffee nnn Number of coffee done
    COFFEE nnn Number of coffee-long
    Total water ml nnnnn Total water amount of coffee / hot water since the initial operation.
    Water DESCAL. ml nnnnn Total water amount of coffee / hot water since the last decalcification.
    Ml water for descaling nnnnn Amount of water since last decalcification
    Number Descaling nnn Already performed decalcification
    Number of cleaning nnn Have already taken Cleaners
    Ml water filter nnnnn Flow in ml of the water filter
    Hot water Durchfl. l / h 18 Flow rate at hot water draw.
    Hot water Pumpenreg. 6210 Automatic regulation of pump power. The higher the value, the more the pump decrease in performance with age..
    Reserve water meters N ° pulses. nnnnn Balance of the remaining available water to "water blank"
    Water reserve Stop N ° pulses   Balance of the remaining available water to "water blank"
    Decalcify nnnnn Specifies whether the machine is the descaling
    Cleaning cycle 0 Specifies whether the machine in the cleaning cycle is the
    Machine Status 164 128 + 32 + 4 = 164
    Water shortage (1) + Pre grinding (2) + Heater Plate (4) + feeder full (8) + not used (16) + standby mode (32) + system 2 (63) + hot water program (128)
    Production Date Day    
    Production Date Month nn  
    Production Date Year nn  
    Date Day Service nnnnn  
    Service Date Month nn  
    Service Date Year nnnn  
  • I've bought yesterday (12.2005) a Saeco Incanto Sirius S class coffee system. After 10 coffees, I still prefer the Nespresso System (but it is too expensive), the coffee is good but not as great as the Nespresso system, on the other side:

    • a kg of the best  coffee cost 13 euro with that system...
    • a kg of Nespresso capsule cost 100 euro!

    The Saeco coffee has a good taste but it do not smell at all (like the bean) during preparation or has any strong foam on coffee (Like in Nespresso)

    A lot of people may answer that  Nespresso may not only contains coffee, but aroma, I personally think that their machine has also a secret: if you take their coffee out the capsule and use it in a good espresso machine, you wont get as much coffee foam...strange isn't.


    Why did I not take a JURA? I read 3 forums where many state that the only 2 main differences between a SAECO and a JURA are:

    • The quantity of coffee brewed: 9Gr. (Saeco) Vs. 15Gr (Jura)
    • Saeco  give You more options and functionalities for the price on their machine...


    saeco.sirius.expresso.machine.displaySaeco's Incanto Sirius couples advanced technology and innovation-orientated research with an elegant and stylish design. The stainless steel and black design fits in any type of setting and the "no-fingermark stainless steel housing makes cleaning easy. Saeco's new Touch screen technology gives the machine a modern look, but the graphic display and icons give clear easy to follow instruction to make it simple to use. The Incanto Sirius is equipped with other innovative technologies such as SBS  Saeco Brewing System to regulate coffee flow, ceramic grinding mechanism, new larger brewing group up to 12 gr. (same easy to remove, easy to clean brew group) for an extraordinary taste, aqua prima water filter and pannarello steam wand/frothing device.

  • Super-automatic espresso/coffee machine housed in stainless steel
  • 15-bar pump pressure; stainless-steel boiler; removable brew group
  • Large, interactive, touch-screen display; SBS brews to individual tastes
  • Aqua Prima water filter; 68-ounce removable water tank;
  • Ceramic grinder



    • Touch Screen: This new exclusive innovation is available only in the Incanto S-Class Sirius model. Originally developed for mobile telephones, this new hi-tech interactive display has graphic display and icons, that let you prepare coffee and favorite drinks with a minimum effort and in just a few minutes. It comes with Sensitive Touch technology, which gives the machine its up-to-the-minute look and makes it easier to use, thanks to special icons giving clear, instant details.
    • Saeco Brewing System (SBS): SBS allows you to make an infinite variety of coffee at the mere twist of a knob. In addition, the coffee dose in the extraction chamber is fully exploited, thanks to the pressure, which remains constant throughout the extraction cycle.
    • New 12-gram Brewing Group: This provides a more intense coffee and an infinite choice of doses per cup. As always, the Saeco brew group is easy to remove, making the machine’s maintenance simple and effortless.
    • Ceramic Grinder: This puts an end to grinding with metal components. Ceramic is inert, and thus ensures the best results without altering the flavor of the coffee. Moreover, it is perfectly safe to use with food.
    • Cup-Warming Surface: The adjustable cup warming surface helps keep cups and espresso at an optimal temperature.
    • Pre-grinding Dose: The pre-grinding dose allows you to make many drinks in a row in less time. With this feature, the machine anticipates the next brew by performing a pre-grinding process for the following cup during the current brew cycle.
    • OptiDose: Allows you to adjust the amount of coffee ground from 6 grams to 9 grams of ground beans per brewing cycle.
    • Programmable Brew Buttons: Allow you to customize your machine to brew single, double, and even long espresso shots at the push of a button.
    • Dual Spout Dispensing Head: With the dual spout dispensing head, the espresso is divided evenly, so you can brew two cups simultaneously.
    • Adjustable & Removable Dispensing Head: Allows for several different sized cups and mugs to be used.
    • Saeco Aroma System: To optimize the coffee drinking experience, a special programmed step injects a small amount of hot water into the freshly ground coffee to start a pre-brewing process. This is done just before the actual brew cycle commences in order to extract the best elements from the coffee grounds.
    • Rapid Steam: This reduces the normal waiting time between coffee brewing and steam output to just a few seconds.
    • Articulated Pannarello Frothing Device: This makes getting that soft, velvety foam for a cappuccino fast and easy. Completely removable for easy rinsing, it offers flexibility and convenience when frothing milk.
    • Hot Water Nozzle: Dispenses steaming water for tea, hot chocolate, and instant soups.
    • Aqua Prima Water Filter: With this filter the number of flavor-altering substances found in water is reduced, and any micro-particles and impurities are filtered. The Aqua Prima filter also reduces the formation of lime scale, increasing the machine’s longevity.
    • Automatic Descaling Cycle: Keeps the machine in perfect operating order. When prompted by the user, mineral build-up in the internal boiler can be dissolved and removed at the push of a button--no fuss, no mess.



    SAECO INCANTO SIRIUS manual 156 pages  [4MB]

    Saeco Incanto Syrius Exploded views