• compat_15_native ext_com

    Up and running on my DEMO2 server (refresh every 30 minutes!)
    demo2.waltercedric.com&160; or direct link

    Download link:

    Also running on my Homepage...


    I am currently developing this release due to many requests in the forum.

    UPDATE1: wont be release today (tonight for me, it is already 23:30PM GMT+1), still testing, youcan apply as a beta tester by contacting me HERE
    Small change request can always be integrated, please use my forum and create a new thread in the right section

    What's new?

    NEW: protection against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack, thanks to Joomla! framework, see here
    : use recaptcha to protect guest book against spammer.

    NEW: you may prefer security images instead of recaptcha, the guest book now support securityimages5.x.x!&160;


    BUG: Akobook Fix for Number of Guest Entries and Pages&160; thanks to user mygeek911

    BUG: on some host blank page during install or in some menu has been resolved, it was old code having php code embedded starting with <?... ?> (PHP4 support both) instead of <?php... ?> (PHP5 only support this)

    BUG: layout bug in all front end page solved, not all view were using 100% of the view



    : the installer do not remove or recreate the tables in database if already present. The installer will detect it and propose you to remove or install new table.

    NEW: Admin Comments all lowercase...&160;&160; now you can change this behavior in admin panel

    NEW: a new menu entry that can check if you are running the latest version of this software
    akobookPlus5CheckForLatest&160; akobookPlus5CheckForLatesthtml

    NEW: refactoring but can be considered daily part of the work -> this code is not MVC at all, and has to be turn into a real Joomla! 1.5 extension. I consider anti spamming and security&160; more important in the TODO list at the moment than making the code MVC.


    Hurry up any post in this forum http://forums.waltercedric.com/index.php?board=46.0 may enter into that release as well :-)