I use to make mind map to organize my ideas, or to organize huge amount of data in a tree manner. Maintaining your own root server is time consuming, to say the least,  but it will also force you to put your energy in areas where there is a lot of new things to learn. Here I present you a mind map  that contains most of the tools and ideas of what you should monitor on a Linux server.


This mind map is an ongoing work, that is why it has also a version number in it (v1.0.0). As soon as I will learn new tricks, the mind map will be updated. Your feedback is always welcomed!


By clicking read more, You'll be able to go through the checklist as text, or download the mind map as a PDF (600kB)

  • Why
    • its critical to know what is going on
    • take preventive action
    • perform maintenance upfront
  • What to monitor
    • CPU utilization
    • Server RAM
    • Bandwidth usage
    • Disk space usage
    • Physical temperature
    • Logs files
  • Useful Bash Commands
    • top
      • Top will show you memory usage, number of users logged in, load averages, CPU consumption, total uptime, virtual memory, and how long each process has been running.

        htop - htop is an enhanced version of top, the interactive process viewer, which can display the list of processes in a tree form.

    • ps aux
      • list of every process running, the user running it, and even what action it is taking
    • vmstat
      • vmstat - System Activity, Hardware and System Information
      • vmstat 3
        • return information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and cpu activity.
      • vmstat -m
        • Display Memory Utilization
    • w
      • who is logged in  and what they are doing
    • uptime
      • return how long the system is running
    • ps
      • Display all processes running
      • ps axjf
      • ps -p pid  -o comm=
        • display the process name with pid = pid
      • ps -auxf | sort -nr -k 4 | head -10
        • return the 10 most consuming memory processes
      • ps -auxf | sort -nr -k 3 | head -10
        • return the 10 most consuming cpu processes
    • free
      • displays the total amount of free and used physical and swap memory
    • iostat
      • display Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/output statistics for devices, partitions and network filesystems (NFS)

    • mpstat
      • Displays activities for each available processor, processor 0 being the first one
      • mpstat -P ALL
    • proc
      • cat /proc/cpuinfo

        cat /proc/meminfo

        cat /proc/zoneinfo

        cat /proc/mounts

    • lsof
      • list open files, network connections and much more
  • Bandwidth usage
    • Webalizer
  • Tools
    • Nagios
      • Nagios is a popular open source computer system and network monitoring application software. You can easily monitor all your hosts, network equipment and services.

    • delayed
      • Munin
        • Easy monitoring your Linux server from web browser
          Munin creates graphs for just about everything going on in your system

          run every 5 minutes

      • online services
  • Login
    • check for empty user password

      • awk -F: '($2 == "") {print}' /etc/shadow

      Lock an account

      • passwd -l accountName

      Only root have uid = 0

      check account that may act like root

      • awk -F: '($3 == "0") {print}' /etc/passwd
  • Services
    • List all services that

      are autostarted at boot time

      • apt-get install chkconfig

        chkconfig --list | grep '3:on'

      Stop unwanted services

      • service serviceName stop
  • Network
    • list all open ports and associated programs
      • netstat -tulpn
      • nmap -sT -O localhost
  • Files system
    • Find world writable files
      • find / -xdev -type d \( -perm -0002 -a ! -perm -1000 \) -print
    • find files with no owner
      • find / -xdev \( -nouser -o -nogroup \) -print
  • Log Files
    • Login attempts
      • /var/log/auth

        fail or success

        If too much failed attempts in log file

        -> may be hacker brute forcing login

        • block with IPTable

          block with fail2ban

          apt-get install fail2ban

    • Interesting log files
        • /var/log/kern.log: Kernel logs
        • /var/log/message: General message
        • /var/log/auth.log: Authentification logs
        • /var/log/mysqld.log: MySQL database server log file
        • /var/log/cron.log: Cronjob logs
        • /var/log/qmail/ : Qmail log directory
        • /var/log/maillog: Mail server logs
        • /var/log/httpd/ or  /var/log/apache2/:   Apache
        • /var/log/boot.log : System boot log
        • /var/log/secure: Authentication log

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