Some of the articles found on that page have disturbed me a lot, since my cursus in physics and knowledge are very common (Engineer level). But It is worth reading and very promising...
I reproduce the content of the articles here, since it is permit. Happy reading :-)

Here an example:
Quantum Nonlocality and Nonspatiality
In the early eighties physicist Alain Aspect and colleagues performed an experiment that confirmed the so-called Bell's Inequality Principle. Without going into the details of the experiment, I'll just say that it proved a major prediction of quantum theory, one that Einstein objected to in a famous paper describing a thought experiment that became known as the EPR (Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen) paradox. Two entangled photons can be millions of miles apart and yet, if the polarity of one photon flips, the other will flip simultaneously. To a lot of classical physicists such as Einstein, the existence of nonlocal phenomena would mean that the two photons are communicating at superluminal speeds which is a no-no. Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance." Many have refused to accept the completeness and even the correctness of QM for this reason. But the superluminal objection is flawed in my opinion, because it assumes the physical existence of space. As soon as one realizes that there is no space then it is easy to see that there is no superluminal or any sort of communication taking place between the entangled photons. Particles do not exist in space, they just exist. There is no spooky action at a distance because there is no distance between particles. This is not the same as saying that the distance is zero; distance simply does not exist: it is abstract. More precisely, it is the abstract vector difference between two positional properties. The entangled polarities are facets of the same coin. In other words, nonlocality is equivalent to nonspatiality. Nature is able to apply its principles of conservation "everywhere" because the universe is one. Not one in the sense of a single point or location (there is no location) but one in the sense of yin-yang complementarity.


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