2 story in 1 week on the internet pop out: some bad people tried to abuse some others. Nothing new on earth, I hear You say...Yes but now thanks to internet, their life: pictures, names are known and they are humiliated :-)

Story 1: to do an AMIR to someone?
To 'do an Amir' To con money out of someone, lie or be otherwise dishonest, only to face ritual humiliation on a worldwide scale.
Someone sold a broken ladtop on ebay, and do not want to refund the buyer...
The buyer publish the content of the hard disk: porno images, mails
Result:  3 Million hits in a week.

Story 2: Someone found a Pocket Pc but did not return it
June 6th, 2006:   The people in the pictures below have my friend¬ís T-Mobile Sidekick.  Instead of doing the honorable thing when finding someone¬ís phone in a taxi, they instead kept it.
Result: 400'000 hits in 1.5 days

That's worldwide scale humiliation: priceless :-)