What's funny is that we are using the same brand at the office, and that in the past, i would have done the same because of ........ sorry no name ;-)

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African Porcupine against a bull terrier, the bull terrier was not smart enough to stop, and guess how it now look like... Pictures were originally posted by the dog's owner on a community message board on May 25, 2005. The terrier's name is Inca. "Thousands of quills were embedded even in her tongue," her owner explained. "The vets worked for quite some time to get quills out and even still could not get them all. The one's that are left …
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This site has stats collected from all over the world, showing population, prison growth, births, US illegal immigrations, divorces, species extinct, forests lost, barrels of oil, and LOADS more, including in depth death stats. Highly depressing .It should be renamed the 'Pessimistic World Clock'. http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock.swf …
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100 most extraordinary threatened mammals
Recent studies indicate that almost 75 per cent of the world?s most extraordinary threatened mammals are receiving little or no conservation attention. If these species go extinct, they will be lost forever. There are no similar animals on earth to replace them. The top 100 Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) mammals are highlighted below. Read More HERE …
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2 story in 1 week on the internet pop out: some bad people tried to abuse some others. Nothing new on earth, I hear You say...Yes but now thanks to internet, their life: pictures, names are known and they are humiliated :-)Story 1: to do an AMIR to someone?To 'do an Amir' To con money out of someone, lie or be otherwise dishonest, only to face ritual humiliation on a worldwide scale.Someone sold a broken ladtop on ebay, and do …
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Une fois de plus, le modèle hélvétique d'informations au public et la transparence des faits de nos voisins Suisse, devrait nous faire réfléchir sur la qualités de nos médias et politiques francais...Un trés bon site qui explique bien ce qu'est le Tamiflu ou virus H5N1, disponible en 3 langues: Francais, Allemand mais pas encore en italien/anglais.Francais: http://www.bag.admin.ch/infekt/f/vogelgrippe.htmAllemand: http://www.bag.admin.ch/infekt/d/vogelgrippe.htmUne saine lecture pour tout ceux qui se posent la question de savoir si il faut se ruer sur l'achat de Oseltamivir (Tamiflu® …
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http://www.crisp.nus.edu.sg/tsunami/tsunami.htmlhttp://unosat.web.cern.ch/unosat/asp/default.asp …
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