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A very simple plugin that is using a nice flash applet to display a retro clock countdown, you can see it in action at


How it is working

  • It use the creation time of the file modules/mod_demositecountdown/index.html as reference when the demo site was renewed,
  • the file settings.xml contains the next time when the site will be renewed,

To make the magic work, it also use “Demo site for Joomla!” the easy to use and configure framework to automatically renew demo Joomla! site.

For people that would like to reuse this technique, here is the bash function I’ve created to update the file settings.xml and index.html

# This create a new file that can be checked
 for creation time in a dedicated Joomla! module
function updateJoomlaModule() {
if [ -f "$file" ]
  nextRun=`date --date "now +${nextrun}"`
  targetYear=`date --date "now +${nextrun}" +%Y`
  targetMonth=`date --date "now +${nextrun}" +%m`
  targetDay=`date --date "now +${nextrun}" +%e`
  targetHour=`date --date "now +${nextrun}" +%k`
  targetMinute=`date --date "now +${nextrun}" +%M`

  echo "Next update $nextRun Updating file at $file"
  sed -i "s/_targetYear/${targetYear}/g" $file
  sed -i "s/_targetMonth/${targetMonth}/g" $file
  sed -i "s/_targetDay/${targetDay}/g" $file
  sed -i "s/_targetHour/${targetHour}/g" $file
  sed -i "s/_targetMinute/${targetMinute}/g" $file
  echo "Move ${file} to ${targetfile}"
  cp ${file} ${targetfile}      
  echo "" > ${base}/index.html
 echo "Joomla module mod_demositecountdown not detected”;
 echo "install from";
 echo "";

The latest version of can be downloaded at (login: anonymous pwd: anonymous)

The 2 modules for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 you an download HERE

A Joomla! 1.0 version will follow soon.

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