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This is the version 1.0.0.

What does this plugin do?

More performances for Joomla! with com_minify

It is working as described at

Reduce HTTP requests with Minify4Joomla

and in my WIKI:


Please use the forum Minify4Joomla Bugtracker&160; for bugs and the WIKI if you find any error in the documentation. Thanks

&160;The next version 1.1.0 will have a major new feature: I am currently patching (patch/un-patch through a button) the Joomla! HTML Head Renderer (JDocumentRendererHead) that output the HTML code.

This will transparently minify all JavaScript URL's and CSS that are added by

  • Plugin,
  • Components,
  • Templates,

As long as they use the Joomla! API's. This is more end users friendly and wont require hacking too much around&160; :-)

Download HERE

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