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99px-Smugmug_logo A small Joomla! extension (plugins), highly customizable to display picture randomly from your SmugMug gallery.This plugins displays Smugmug photos using shadowbox.

Any improvements, ideas are welcome, use the forum board



Here are some screen shots output

 smumugmug.random.joomla.extension_02 smumugmug.random.joomla.extension_03 smumugmug.random.joomla.extension_01


  • Native Joomla! 1.5 plugins,
  • Code produced is XHTML 1.0 Strict,
  • If you have shadowbox installed, the SmugMug gallery when a user click on a picture will be displayed in a hovering windows
  • CSS driven output, can be manually edited at /media/plg_smugmugrandom/plgSmugMugRandom.css
  • Tested in the following browser Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE 8
  • Approved at Joomla Extension JED (SOON),
  • GPL v3.0,
  • Non commercial.

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