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I write a small tool, it will be never complete, but it has help me a lot.

A poor man approach (a macro) in order to solve trivial (and boring) migration code of Joomla 1.X code to Joomla 1.5 code...

  1. Dowload Jedit from (stable version 4.2 for example)
  2. Save this file joomla1x_to_joomla15.bsh in
    C:\Documents and Settings\{yourWindowsLogin}\.jedit\macros\
  3. Start jedit and open ALL FILES in the same windows,
  4. Go to macros menu and run the macro joomla1x_to_joomla15
Note: this macro just replace text and won't do any architecture analysis/changes, even if they are needed in order to make your component run in Joomla! 1.5

This tool is not perfect or bullet proof, use at your own risk, feel free to make changes and report them to me

license GNU/GPL

Download HERE