Modified version of the great Akobook, this version now protect JOOMLA Guest Book entry from
spammers using recaptcha or securityimages 5 and run natively in Joomla! 1.5


BUG: When using SecurityImages in AkobookPlus, it shows a label called SECURITYIMAGES_LABEL. Looks like a missing variable.
missing keys in all languages except english

BUG: admin comment form was not able to add smiley as the form name was misspelled in HTML code

NEW: fully XHTML compliance, for both front end and back end panel, validated with CSE HTML validations and W3C online validations service
valid.xhtml akobookIsXHTMLCompliant

NEW: E_STRICT for PHP reporting errors, so code fully portable and wont generated silent error in logs.

NEW: fully localized including java script popup

NEW: start of selenium test suite to ensure quality of future release

BUG: unable to edit language files, and misleading error message  was displayed

Your css file is /components/com_simpleboard/forum.css
You need to chmod this to 766 in order for the config to be updated

BUG: paging through items in admin panel was not working

BUG: missing translation entries in foreign languages (but not translated)

NOTE: Akobook do not delete existing table -> this is a feature that allow you to safely update akobook without having to backup of your table.

akobookPlus Download HERE