BUG: Adding new guestbook entries now working in Backend (thanks to Laurie for reporting)
NEW: moved the Akobook image and titles to up in the navigation bar of the component (Laurie)
moved your code for images to another tab called Security / Integration. I would like to add
another option here so that you can choose to use the captcha option in Community Builder (Captcha 2.0.1).
That way I can have the same captcha used everywhere. (Laurie)
NEW: Moved the number of entries to show on the admin page to the bottom to fit in with other components. (Laurie)
NEW: Changed image from publish to tick to fit in with other components. (Laurie)
NEW: Added some widths to the tables in backend so entry has more space so it can be more easily viewed (Laurie)
NEW: Moved the copyright notice to bottom of about page and removed it from other pages. (Laurie)
BUG: Ability for administrator to edit/delete/comment now working with BBcode support

A big Thanks to Laurie from Down Under (Australia) for his help.

I wont add much new functionalities in such a messy code, the first task to do as soon as it is working is to cleanup/redesign the code behind the scene