Securityimages 4.0.0 release "enhanced Security "

This version is now running with:
  • PHP.ini safe mode ON
  • Joomla RG Global Emulation O 
  • PHP.ini register global = Off
Bugs solved:
artf4021: php safe mode & com_securityimages
artf1411: Save setting button changes if config.securiyimages.php is not writable
artf4989: register_globals Off patch
artf3206: com_contact
artf2777: No text displayed in security Image  

API  changes
Will work only with new release of akcomment, akobook, etc...

securityimages < 4.0.0
in PHP <form>

<?php include ($mosConfig_absolute_path.'/administrator/components/com_securityimages/client.php'); ?>
<?php echo insertSecurityImage("security_refid"); ?>
<?php echo getSecurityImageText("security_try"); ?>
<?php echo getSecurityImageTextHeader(); ?> 
<?php echo getSecurityImageTextHelp(); ?>
<?php echo getSecurityImageField("security_try"); ?> 

The code above insert the image, and the text,
You page normally submit information to the server for processing.
Most of the time, the last 2 lines are inserted in a <form>

in PHP code checking the <form>

include ($mosConfig_absolute_path.'/administrator/components/com_securityimages/server.php');

$checkSecurity = checkSecurityImage($security_refid, $security_try);

if $checkSecurity = true //then the user has entered the right text.

securityimages >= 4.0.0 Introducing a captcha hidden field visibility name
in PHP <form> include($mosConfig_absolute_path.'/administrator/components/com_securityimages/client.php');
$packageName = 'securityimage_newpass';
 echo "<tr><td>".getSecurityImageTextHeader()." *</td><td>".insertSecurityImage($packageName).
in PHP code checking the <form> $securityimage_newpass_refid     = mosGetParam( $_POST, securityimage_newpass_refid', '' );
$securityimage_newpass_try     = mosGetParam( $_POST, 
securityimage_newpass_try', '' );
$securityimage_newpass_reload     = mosGetParam( $_POST, '
securityimage_newpass_reload', '' );         
include_once ($mosConfig_absolute_path.'/administrator/components/com_securityimages/server.php');
$checkSecurity &= checkSecurityImage($securityimage_newpass_refid, $securityimage_newpass_try, $securityimage_newpass_reload);

HNCAPTCHA: now color background is fully configurable