From small-and-medium business to individual users, Synology products offer a full range of choices to fulfill different needs, while sharing some similar characteristics- eco-friendly, quiet, and versatile.

Pre requisites

Download the Synology package Joomla-1.7.2.spk

In the Control Panel of your Synology DSM NAS, go to “Web Services” and activate

  • Enable Web Station
  • Enable MySQL



Now go to “Package Center”


Click on “Install / Update” then select the file Joomla-1.7.2.spk that you have downloaded from


The installer will ask you for your MSQL Password, so the installer can create an empty database joomlablog, the default user being root and the password is empty! so just click next

After some seconds you should see Joomla! installed


I strongly recommend you to install phpMyAdmin and create a dedicated Joomla user with less permissions before running the Joomla installer!

So install the package phpMyAdmin, select the database newly created by the installer “joomlablog” and under privileges,


Create a new user with a complicated password, for example GDnxWF9Vm4A9QW8Zjoomla_on_synology_nas_006

Point your browser to http://{youservernasname}/joomla/ and finish the installation of Joomla following the web installer, you can use the user and password previously created.