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 A good component need also a new logo,  You can look at some submission in my Gallery HERE

You want to submit one
  • Different size 78x78pix for small insertion, a 16x16 for inserting instead of "powered by opencomment 3.0.0", and a bigger one for the "About section" 170x170pix more or less
  • Preferred background is white,
  • In Any format: PNG, GIF, SVG, attention JPG is a loss compression, recommended is using vector graphics (InkScape, SVG capable editor, powerpoint) so scaling isn't an issue
  • Can be black and white or in colors
Please end me all your draft HERE and I will publish them in my Gallery HERE

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If You like one logo more than the other then VOTE!  You can also critized but be constructive....the highest ranking logo will be chosen ;-)