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img.php  I've decide to join the team of !JoomlaComment and help Alain and
Daniel continuing the development. Right now I will try to reduce the spamming attacks
I've encountered in the last few days (250 comments entered by a bot)

First step is to review the code in order to avoid replaying attacks by request forgery
(saving an attack vector with a specially hand crafted URL),

After that I will join my effort to Alain and Daniel and try to correct bugs before adding new features.

For all those that do not know !JoomlaComment, here is an extract of their site:

!JoomlaComment is a beautifull and usefull comment system component for joomla websites
and is under GNU GPL wich means FREE to use ! There is no functionnalities restrictions.

!JoomlaComment component allows your visitors and users to comment the content items
of your websites.
For  compat_10 and  compat_15

If you are still using OpenComment, you may be interested to know how I did migrate to !JoomlaComment
in no time.