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It will be a huge patch release this time. Let me first start with the new features list...
  • NEW: Search contains the word "search" now as default.
  • NEW: Following rules apply now to the form field "Name":
    If a user is logged in, he can not change his name
    If a guest is around, he can change his name only if the admin settings "name field: No Yes Is the field name read only?" is set to NO
  • NEW:  Avoid logged in user to rate up and down his own comments (he will never be able to rate them). But logged in user can rate his comments as guest!
  • NEW:  Auto moderation function: this do not auto publish automatically comments based on external conditions.
    done: check if one url is in comment or title
    future: check if comment contains at least one or more bad words.
  • NEW:  Use a lot of new CSS tags.
  • NEW: Replying to an existing comment also now Quote automatically the text, not only the title.
And the never ending list of bugs corrected...
  • BUG: Edit comment CSS file was no more available...
  • BUG: Administrator notification was always disabled during save of configuration settings.
  • BUG: if "allow anonymous entry" then comment form is visible. If "allow anonymous entry" = false then only logged in user see the comment form
  • BUG: Comment header missing space
  • BUG: "Additionally the title seems mandatory, but if you don't put title you are not able to
    submit again the message since it says "you already posted a comment"..."
    1. The anti posting measure can now be switch off
    2. anti posting check is now done after form input validations.
  • BUG: Replying to a comment with special characters in the title was not working, tested in Firefox and IE
  • BUG: Back end: Settings/InputForm/name field = Yes. BUT... name field in comment input form is still editable.
Translations, new keys are in each language file.
  • Dear translations team, Ive duplicated new English keys in other files. (Hungarian, german)
Anti Spamming measures
OpenComment do not need Captcha (com_securityimages component) or Hashcash (com_Hashcash). And this because OpenComment use internally a sort of HASHCASH. This should be more than enough against spammers, If it ever failed, I will switch Captcha on in less than a day. I simply do not want to force users resolving  a Captcha when I can propose something different.

Here also a freemind mindmap with what should be in that release.

Concerning the development, I must also says, that it is not a long term objective for me to try to make OpenComment a commercial grade application, at least not alone ;-). If You want a more complex/easy to use commenting system, maybe You'll have to look at OpenWordpress or any equivalent.

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