Joomla! 1.0.9 is now available at

It is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version.  1.0.9 contains the following changes:

  • 12 Low Level Security Fixes
  • 160+ General bug fixes
  • Several Performance enhancements
And one business day after (Ive done my homework), I release:

Joomla 1.0.9 support for SecurityImages
these files are from the 1.0.9 distributions plus all changes required to support securityimages in

  • com_contact  "The contact Us section"
  • com_login for the login module
  • com_registration  all registration functions
Please Note:
1. this is a FTP patch!
2. There is now way to deactivate securityimages in com_contact (other than deactivating securityimages sitewide) 

Do yourself a favor use the latest securityimages version 3.0.5 :-)
Files are available at Joomla forge in file release and at