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  • ??? I am aware of a "Division by Zero" exception on 2 hostname. While I can not explain it, I am still inverstigating on it.Contact me if You have this problem.
    As usual it work locally (WinXP) and on (Linux SuSE)
  • NEW: Add more css type from 1 to 40 for having more size in tagcloud, add a normalize() CSS name method in class superCloudEngine
  • BUG: CSS editor was always editing the same css: joomlacoud an not the one choosen by user.
  • BUG: Change default title in english.php instead of "TagCloud of" replaced with "Please edit this Title in Edit General Language"
  • BUG: Blacklist dictionnary was always going  to the english version not to your local if it exist.
  • NEW: Use 3 cache directory, one for component, one for module, one for mambot,  so you can empty cache of one of these without loosing others data
  • NEW: Add a manual oh how to link component to a menu entry
  • NEW: Module detect if component is installed or not and warn user instead of crashing.
  • NEW: Add creation date and next refresh date at the end of tagcloud -> can be switch off by setStatisctics=false
  • NEW: Format of creation date can be choosen by user
  • TODO: Need a CSS specialist to create great CSS !
  • TODO: Relationship plugin not available/working on it
  • TODO:: propose Google adSense search as option when user click on a tag