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The code is now working with an advance caching mechanism (a recommended feature since TagCloud can be overkill on big site).

I also wrote:
  • A mambot: joomlacloudbot.php which is activated onContent and scan scan onDemandyour articles, site.
  • A module mod_joomlacloud.php displaying onDemand a site wide tag cloud or only a section, category, item
Dont ask for a release,
  • It will be out when it is ready!
  • I am doing this on my spare night time ;-)
  • The principle of tagCloud is quite easy, can be done in 20 lines of php BUT I wrote my component by keeping in mind the word extensibility!
Some words on architecture:
  • Analyser classes are responsible for tokenizing text using different strategies, removing certain words based on dictionary, words length too small...etc
  • Scanner classes are responsible for giving back a subset of data of your site
  • Limiter classes are cutting the collection of tokenized words, for example you only want the tag cloud of the most 100 words, or only the least used words or ...
  • Cache classes are storing TagCloud result in Database for efficiency, but using file datastore is also possible, or no cache
  • Engine classes are of 3 Types:
  • SuperCloudEngine is giving some basic functionalities for creating a TagCloud
  • PluginsCloudEngine can customized the way links are created in the cloud
  • LazyCloudEngine is using a PluginsCloudEngine and a ... cache for efficiency, creating cloud onDemand and saving them to database
and for a total of 80 files ....

Right now, what is still open:
  • Testing administrator panel, I assume it is 70% correct
  • Testing installer -> only boring, modifying XML by hand
  • Testing module and mambots, maybe some more code to write
Everything is checked daily in CVS

For a planning point of view, I will deliver first JoomlaCloud since it has never been released in the wild, then finishing migration of OpenComment to Joomla 1.1 API

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