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 You can see below the output of the first  2 plugins of JoomlaCloud, the plugins has scanned my online content (17000 unique words found)

core 1
CSS driven
output like
core 2
Changing font height

What it can do
  • Do not count words found in a dictionary,
  • Do not count words less than XX character,
  • Do not display words which have less than YY occurences,
  • Limit number of words displayed to ZZ,
  • Separator between word is configurable,
  • CSS driven,
  • Database caching (primary),
  • Editor for CSS, Language, dictionary for both engine and core.
  • Display Tag cloud result when component is linked in a menu
What must be done before a release
  • The cache mechanism has to be better design, it only able to store a Tag cloud  site wide, it must take section and categoryid, itemid into account
  • Create a mambot which will scan content of articles readen and store it in database for efficiency (Prio 2)
  • Create a simple module to display the sitewide tagcloud (Prio 1)