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 I am proud to announce You that I've create a new project at Joomla forge: joomlacloud (link soon here)

A tag cloud (more traditionally known as a weighted list in the field of visual design) is a visual depiction of content tags used on a website. Often, more frequently used tags are depicted in a larger font or otherwise emphasized, while the displayed order is generally alphabetical. Thus both finding a tag by alphabet and by popularity is possible. Selecting a single tag within a tag cloud will generally lead to a collection of items that are associated with that tag. from WikiPedia

  • Css driven
  • Ablity to count words either in title, metadesc, subtitle, articles text,
  • Sorting results
This component is able to display in a graphical way a list of terms and present to the users...

What have to be done:
  1. Implement a cache, counting and sorting words in a big site may be inaceptable in realtime...for my site it take 2s to create the tag clouds based on articles title...
  2. Configurable script using a config file,
  3. Finishing code to support relationnship like on this site (great idea by the way)
  4. Create an admin panel,
  5. Create a module,
  6. Refactoring, refactoring, refactoring!

and what does it look like? see here for existing example and below for my running version :-)

using default Joomla articles database:
8 words found
production database: 1780 words found

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BUG (discovered by CS): scanner classes were not using generic database and tablename prefix. An empty dataset of words has trigger a division by 0...the right way is to use the __ prefix when building a SQL statement....Version has been released in my download section, at joomla forge, and at (see it live running and change settings in admin panel)By the way, Joomla forge host now more than 943 open source projects, and has more than 22537 registered users …
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JoomlaCloud Released!!
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The code is now working with an advance caching mechanism (a recommended feature since TagCloud can be overkill on big site).I also wrote:A mambot: joomlacloudbot.php which is activated onContent and scan scan onDemandyour articles, site.A module mod_joomlacloud.php displaying onDemand a site wide tag cloud or only a section, category, itemDont ask for a release, It will be out when it is ready!I am doing this on my spare night time ;-)The principle of tagCloud is quite easy, can be done …
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You can see below the output of the first 2 plugins of JoomlaCloud, the plugins has scanned my online content (17000 unique words found)core 1CSS drivenoutput like core 2No CSSChanging font heightWhat it can doDo not count words found in a dictionary,Do not count words less than XX character,Do not display words which have less than YY occurences,Limit number of words displayed to ZZ,Separator between word is configurable,CSS driven,Database caching (primary),Editor for CSS, Language, dictionary for both engine and …
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Logo for JoomlaCloud
I've tried to design a logo for my new component. The code (Engine) is ready. I hope to release it for beta testing soon...Status:Cache support in days: Tag cloud will only be generated each XX daysLocalization, engllish and french inside.Locale Dictionnary to omits words when couting occurences, do not count words less thanDisplay some statistics: word counting...Full Object OrientedOuput plugin support to allow different Tag cloud output designBut no admin panel (I hate creating them, need way too much time)
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