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Has been released at Joomla Forge, see details here

It is also rnning on my homepage so it is a pretty stable version ;-) tested against akcomment, akobook, contact

Securityimages 3.0.0rc2

  • new: Logged in Users No/Yes Switch off the system for logged in users? 
  • new: new plugin HNCapctha which create beautiful captcha  (as seen on my site)
  • new: better localization of installation 
  • new: A system class detector which detect GD library and help users 
  • new: add 3 more fonts 
  • bug: reverse logic for displaying reload, sound button 
  • new start sound support, not active in this release. 
  • new better admin panel with screenshots of possible captcha and securityimage virtual box
  • Refactoring:
    - OO improvments: 8 new classes, DAO, move common setting to general tabs
    - move fonts to root of components/com_securityimages so they can be share among plugins