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The new version of com_securityimages is now working locally in my developer environment.

  • Multi core enable (code developed to authorize many external core and versions). Today "core 1.1" and "freecap 1.4" are available...
  • Reload button which allow the user to ask a new pictures if he is not able to recognize the characters in the pictures
  • Possibility to generate different capctha size by adding a http parameter when asking for URL, ideal for a  login component integration ;-) (I am also on it)
  • Refactored code with a lot of tricks ;-) -> interesting to read for all people wanting to try PHP
  • Sound support has been is on the good way

What's open before delivery...

  • The installer is not up to date, I have at least 400% more files than in release 1.1.X ...  :-)
  • The database schema has changed (one column more in DB) -> a migration path will be provided for all 1.1.X users
  • I've broke an interface,  or better said: if you do not change your code (understand install new version of akobook, akocomment, contact etc...), the reload function will not work, if you use the latest check() method, it will (I will provide new version for all components I am responsible)

This time I will test installation of component in my TEST and PROD Joomla environment...
Code already checked into CVS
Expect a release without sound support (depends if I have enough time) to beta tester at the end of the week end...