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In order to regain control of development, avoid code duplications, easing installations, I have decided to group all these extensions Into one single package CedSmugmug.

Module/Plugin Smugmug Slideshow

This module is a front end for the myriad of parameter that can set for the Smugmug flash applet.

Module/Plugin Smugmug Random

Highly customizable module to display picture randomly from your Smugmug gallery.

Module Smugmug Video Player

Highly customizable module to display video from your Smugmug gallery.

Module Smugmug Badge

Highly customizable to display a badge of your Smugmug galleries (up to 4 galleries are randomly supported).

Previous user of the following extensions?

Remove any previous extensions from me, here is the list:

  • mod_smugmugbadge
  • mod_smugmugrandom
  • mod_smugmugslideshow
  • mod_smugmugvideo
  • plg_smugmugrandom
  • plg_smugmugslideshow

All these extensions are removed from the download sections and are no more supported, it is recommended to use only the package cedSmugmug

First time installation

Download the latest copy of, from Extensions → Install / Uninstall  and install with the fresh copy.