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xboxIcon 8. Adapt scripts (XML files) for your network or shares drives

XMBC configuration is done through a XML file (a plain text file heavily structured with some special tags),
this file is in e:/apps/XBMCXboxMediaCenter.xml

The purpose of this file is to tell the player where to find digital content, because your multimedia files
can be stored on the XBOX or on the network:

HardDiskC: or E: or F:
Digital StorageD: (DVD)
D: (ISO mode)
D: (UDF mode)
streaming protocols
XNSThe first streaming protocol.
XBMS"A new network protocol for media streaming named XB Media Streaming Protocol (XBMSP) developed by PuhPuh in discussion with RUNTiME & Pope-X.
XBMSP is a more simplistic & faster protocol than the XNS protocol currently used by XboxMediaPlayer. Though XBMSP has not replaced XNS it can be used by future XStream Servers to share media files to XboxMediaPlayer. PuhPuh has also developed XSteam test server called "ccXStream" that uses the XBMSP protocol." from 
SAMBAAn open source implementation of the SMB file sharing protocol that provides file and print services. Samba allows a non-Windows server to communicate with the same networking protocol as the Windows products.
Samba was originally developed for UNIX but can now run on Linux, FreeBSD and other UNIX variants. It is freely available under the GNU General Public License. XBMC has an integrated SAMBA client and support natively Samba drive

This file contains a documentation and is quite easy to modify.

Attention when you copy digital content to the Xbox harddrive with FTP, the filesystem (FAT-X) has a lot
of limitations! no name up to 43 characters, no special character < > = ? : ; " * + , / | and avoid accents too...