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xboxIcon 7. Install and configure Xbox media center (XBMC) with FTP

XBMP is now discontinued, a XBMB team decide to rewrite it and create XMBC

XBMC review at Tomshardware

"Xbox Media Center (XBMC) for Microsoft's Xbox game console turns the Xbox into a very capable
multimedia jukebox, enabling it to play AVI (divx/xvid), MPEG, MP3, JPG and many other audio/video/picture file
formats from CD/DVD, HD, a LAN or the internet

For legal reasons, you can only download XBMC source code, but not the binary since the SDK of Microsoft do
not allow You to distribute binary. The open-source community is currently creating an open source SDK: the XDK.

How to find binaries:

  • Try to find it on P2P network : eMule, eDonkey or
  • make a light distribution (without codecs, scripts and skins) or
  • If you want to have always the latest build (risky it may not be a stable version since it reflect the current state of development) : or
  • Compile it yourself with XBOX SDK and Visual C++ if you own a M$ license ;-)

How to install it:

  • XBMC is ONLY a directory, copy it to e:/apps/XBMC for example and add an entry in c:/evox.ini
    section "Root"
    Item "Multimedia Station","e:/Apps/XBMCdefault.xbe"
  • Reboot and you're done.
  • If you have problem with XBMC, please first read the Frequently asked questions first: