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xboxIcon 6. Backup original data found on c: with FTP to your PC

Connect your Xbox to the network! Using the remote controller or gamepad, you can go in evox "system preferences", this is the place where you can set the FTP server adress, password, DNS, gateway.

  • Use a fix IP, it should be something like 192.168.0.XXX with XXX from 2 to 255, use for example
  • Do not set the 2 DNS (Domain Name Server which is normally your router if you do not want to let your XBox have an access to internet.
  • You can not change te FTP login name ("xbox"), only the default password ("xbox") this is because the login "xbox" is encrypted in MD5, a page on (FAQ) section let you change it in file fileserver.xml

Save all changes (save changes is located at the end of the menu), and reboot your Xbox

Attention: I use to have some instabilities with 2 different crossed Ethernet cable, in fact the FTP was instable and unusable (disconnect and time out problems), I am using a router-switch in the middle now and everything is working perfectly. This is probably due to a mass problem.

Use your favorite FTP client (LeechFTP, CuteFTP, ....) to connect to the XBOX, it is good idea to backup all files found under C: (default dashboard and RSA key pair for your machine)

If you want to play with EvolutionX: add or translate for example some new entries in the main menu, edit the file c:evox.ini