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xboxIcon 5. Installing a new dashboard

The M$... dashboard do not have: FTP (File Transfert Protocol) support, game backup, file explorer, linux loader, skins support etc... and can only run signed code.
This is why You must install a new one:

I have only tried EvolutionX and I am happy with it

For installing EvolutionX, all you have to do is to locate on internet the file: SlaYer's EvoX Auto-Installer v2.5FINAL.iso (215Mb) and burn it on a DVD-RW or CD-RW.

Boot your XBOX with this CD inside, and follow the onscreen menu. In 2 minutes, You can have EvolutionX, Linux, XBMP installed. You can even prepare a new and bigger harddisk with no efforts.

You have now:
C:As before, partition where the XBOX operating system is
D:DVD drive
E:Game save, original dashboard music and all third party applications: dvd reader, ftp, many players, some emulators (5Gb)
F:If you have a disk bigger than 4Gb you will have some space to store Linux for example
G:Available if you have a disk bigger than 120Gb
X:Internal cache (768Mb)
Y:Internal cache (768Mb)
Z:Internal cache (768Mb)

If You want that Avalaunch display your BIOS version in the first page,
You need to open the file c:evox.ini . For the Executer 4981 BIOS add these 2 lines:
Rom = "x2 4981.06",0xca25c9b3721da8c96c4770515dbcda07
Rom = "x2 4981.67",0xb6eb9fb7b79795c962b7f998ee4a8694