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xboxIcon 13. Configure Internet

All You have to do is to specify the gateway and DNS in the dashboard. If XBMC configuration file (e:/appsXBMCXboxMediaCenter.xml) do not contains any gateway or DNS it will use the dashboard settings.

  1. Set the Internet settings  in the dashboard. OR
  2. Set the Internet settings in XBMC
1: Set the Internet settings  in the dashboard.

  • A is a FIX IP adress assign by the router to the XBOX
  • B is a constant. aka always the same value:
  • C is the IP adress of my router gateway, it should be as default for NetGear and for US robotics. Default Gateway and DNS MUST have  the same adress. The DNS function is explained here [Wikipedia]

2: Set the Internet settings  in XBMC.
go into the settings panels of XBMC under internet protocol

A  if you already set the DNS, gateway, IP in the dashboard  (point 1 above)

if you prefer to set the DNS, gateway, IP in XBMC  (same values as in point 1 above)

Choose C if you prefer to let the system find DNS, gateway, IP, Your gateway must have DHCP enable!

If everything is working, You should:

  • See some news (RSS) in the frontpage of XBMC,
  • Be able to query the meteo status.
I recommend you to set the IPadress here (for example or use you router so your XBOX has always the same adress.