There is so much knowledge people getting in touch together thanks to the internet, that some of them decide to hack well known Megadrive or SNES Videogame (raw data in ASM !)

Hacking CulT is a website dedicated to the Engineering and Reverse Engineering of Sonic the Hedgehog games. If you thought this site was about hacking other people's computers, look somewhere else. Here, you will find tons of information on how you can hack Sonic the Hedgehog games, whether it be Hex or 68k ASM, in order for you to learn how the Sonic engine works. We also provide you the latest utilities, so that you can take the lazy way out and let them do the job for you.  There is also a hacks database to see what other hackers' projects look like. In order to play a hack, you will need a Genesis/Megadrive Emulator, which is available in the utilities section. I personally recommand Gens Plus!.

Definitively not something for me, too low level development, but respect.

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