Below are some pictures of my first home cinema setup

  1. The flat LCD TV is a samsung LE61B 32 inch (82cm), located below on pictures
  2. The projector is a Panasonic PT900AE, 720pp, light in ECO mode and I use a normal white wall.

Windows desktop
(simulator run only under windows)

Simulator in fullscreen!!!

Appreciate the difference of size.....And here How the projector is attached to the wall:

  • Big but cheap (45euro), a Panasonic fixation cost 560CHF
  • A lot of space bellow, for a XBOX360, a PS3, a dreambox or linux mediacenter...(planned)

Note: The picture quality do not reflect the terrific colors and quality of this projector. (Camera Sony DSC700 2.1MP 1998)