Microsoft Vista, the big lie about reusing your hardware...

Interview with Alex Ionescu, he has found a flaw in the driver installation to remove PMP locking functionalities in Vista.

According to this very instructive article above, the PMP Digital Rights Management framework (Conditional Access, Copy Protection, Digital Rights Management and Link Protection) will force us to throw away our LCD monitor (having no HDMI plugs), videocard (being not HDCP). You can read also this WikiPedia entry about Digital Righ Management (DRM)

  • Do not rush on a Vista box, but who is really doing this? yesterday in Zürich, I found a lot of Vista box lying and no one were looking at them except me...I think a lot of person are shocked by the price: 450CHF and 850CHF! the price of a middle range  computer!
  • Only buy Vista with a new computer...paying it 100CHF is more acceptable.
  • Find a DRM fair play use tool (allow You to remove DRM lock) and play the result with VideoLan (the famous open source video player)
  • Simply refuse the Microsoft future  by sending email to hardware manufacturers asking them to better support Linux.

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