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Usability Wheel
I really like the amount of information this wheel is containing, and the way it is presented. Kudos to the authors Strategic foundation User requirements Content and functionality Information architecture Interaction design Graphic design Implementation Launch I don’t know who to credit for that nice chart through… …
3423 Days ago
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A very funny article, on free electron, a sort of nerd or geek, worth the read :-) The Free Electron is the single most productive engineer that you’re ever going to meet. I have not even provided a definition and I’m guessing a person has already popped into your mind that fits the bill. [...] A Free Electron can do anything when it comes to code. They can write a complete application from scratch, learn a language in a weekend, …
4479 Days ago
20 Ways to Use LinkedIn Productively
If the number of requests to join LinkedIn, the business networking network, that clog your email inbox is any indication, then you know it is becoming a legitimate business tool, and one that most professionals need to effectively leverage to boost their professional prospects. LinkedIn, in fact is a web worker’s best professional friend. And although it’s just one of many such networks, LinkedIn, is in short a network for business opportunities. On LinkedIn, people don’t chat about music or …
4589 Days ago
101 Common Sense Management Tips
Quite interesting read even for all of us who are still not manager.. . Arguably the most powerful and effective managers in the world, these men have one thing in common – they owe their management acumen and success not to fancy business degrees from the hallowed portals of Harvard and Yale, but to plain old, not-so-common, common sense. In short, the tricks you learned as a child when you first embarked on an entrepreneurial endeavor with your own lemonade …
4766 Days ago