I am really glad to announce that I am now officially in the EOS Directory Advisory and Expert Board of the EOS directory.

The EOS directory is the leading online platform to help enterprises and organizations identify and evaluate Open Source technologies.

Initially launched by Optaros, about two years ago, the platform has been recently handed over Bruno von Rotz, initial sponsor of the initiative and well known Open Source specialist (follow Bruno on Twitter: accelIT).

In support to strengthen the neutral approach to ratings and selection of the technologies, the new EOS Directory Advisory and Expert Board has been established over the last weeks and announced today.

The Advisory and Expert Board will be both instrumental in guiding the future development of the EOS Directory Platform as well as in making sure that the content is accurate, relevant and fairly represented. (Source: EOS Directory Blog)

The initial member list of the EOS Directory Advisory and Expert Board – representing user and provider communities as well as international expert audiences – includes Aleksander Farstad, Cédric Walter, David Nüscheler, Gianugo Rabellino, Roberto Galoppini, Hannes Gassert, Hans Waarle, Joel Gardet, Matt Asay, Matthias Geisler, Michael Hanisch, Olivier Pépin, Raju Bitter, Ralf Hauser, Seth Gottlieb, Stephen Walli and Tiberiu Fustos.

During the next months the EOS Directory Platform will also be rejuvenated and updated to even better support Enterprises and Organizations in need for Open Source technologies’ selection and evaluation help. (Source: EOS Directory Blog

Read more at the official EOS Directory Blog)

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