Zoogmo is secure and easy to use. It operates by backing up your data over the Internet or within a LAN to your own computers or the computers of your trusted friends, family and colleagues.
Before your files leave your computer, they are fully encrypted and remain that way crossing the Internet and while stored on your partners’ computers. No one but you, neither Zoogmo nor your backup partners, has access to your data. In fact, they won’t even be able to tell what types of files you are storing on their computer.


So lets say you have 10 GB worth of data you don't want to loose, most of your friends have some spare disk to give you if you let them also backup their data on your disk. this is where Zoogmo can be useful.

Data you are storing by your friend can not be read, change or viewed, and your backup can be spawn on many friends (nodes). It's peer to peer nature let Zoogmo go through firewall and is quite network efficient. It also create a kind of backup community that is sharing not only disks but also bandwidth.

The added value of Zoogmo is that anybody has spare disk, and that distributed backups are more resilient to extraordinary events like fire, theft, short circuit, disk crash.

If you do not have enough friends :-) or want to have more node to spare your data, the tool allow you to find anonymous (you just see their login) partner. Anonymous partner have a big disadvantage as many of them can disappear from one day to the other simply because they may simply remove Zoogmo of their computer. Currently the tool only run under windows but this kind of tools is quite common now.

finding anonymous partners



Zoogmo is running on Linux/Mac as well

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