section-java-testing.gifMost programmers do not write tests. We all know that we should write them, but for whatever reason, most of us don't. This is unfortunate, because testing is the most powerful tool we know of to improve software quality. Tests reduce bugs, provide accurate documentation, and improve design.

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Still hesitating about using or not using regression tests in your code? (JUNIT for java for ex.) Look here at Failed fixes haunt credibility of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Initiative. Even Microsoft has some problem today...because they do not have invested enough time/money/power into it.... …
5435 Days ago
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Jester - the JUnit test tester: Jester changes your source code, recompiles it, and runs your bunch of JUNIT test suite to see if anything breaks. It help the developer to verify if enough, or better the most iimportant testcases are already written...more at IBM developerWorks, do not forget to also read or reread JUnit Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests essay.A comprehensive unit-test suite is a necessity for a robust program. But how can you be sure that your …
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Bug Tracking Tool Work in progress or Why it is not possible to manage any software development without a bug tracking tool A bug tracking system is basically a database linked to a frontend: The frontend can be a FAT client, understand a windows or application running on your pc and that need to be install by each developer/client, or may be Adhering to a light client server model: HTML frontend which submit queries to a server. Provide Tracability When …
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Open-source ITP - Powerful web application tester ITP is a deceptively simple, yet powerful web testing harness. It is a stand-alone #Java application that can test your website from a user's perspective. It is amazingly simple and lightweight, yet can be used for powerful test-scripting by using building blocks to create large test runs. ITP is the fastest test harness software to learn. A test script is simply made up out of a few lines of XML. There is no …
5532 Days ago