I wont be able to browse my forum, or respond to any emails inquiries from 4 december 2007 to 16 January 2008, as I will be at the end of the world in Australia. I will carry a lot of gadget stuff with me (GPS, camera and camcorder), in order to be able to map all pictures taken and video on Google Map / Google Earth . So You will have enough to browse beginning of  next year.

Below You can find the detailled planning of my trip, so you can imagine yourself where I am week per week. Australia is so big, (14 times the size of France), that I am forced to take airplanes (4 companies: Singapour Airlines, Quantas, Virgin Blue and Cathay Pacific)  from city to city....

Monday     Tuesday     Wed. 5   Thursday 6   Friday 7   Saturday 8   Sunday 9    
      from      Arriving                               
      Zurich 14:00   Sydney
    to      7h10                              
      Francfort             sydney     sydney     blue mountains   and around  
Monday 10   Tuesday 11   Wed. 12   Thursday 13   Friday 14   Saturday 15   Sunday 16    
                      Sydney Melbourne                  
  as far as I can go around Sydney                                        
Monday 17   Tuesday 18   Wed. 19   Thursday 20   Friday 21   Saturday 22   Sunday 23    
      cancelled                                 Adelaide 15:55
961km 13h         Adelaide     Kangaroo island  Adelaide      
            Great ocean
road by car
                                        Sydney 18:20
Monday 24   Tuesday 25   Wed. 26   Thursday 27   Friday 28   Saturday 29   Sunday 30    
Sydney     From                                 From  
  Christmas   Sydney 8:55             1100km- 14h                 hobart 16:40  
  familly                 Tasmania                      
      to                                  To  
                                Sydney 18:30  
Monday 31                                        
Monday 1   Tuesday 2   Wed. 3   Thursday 4   Friday 5   Saturday 6   Sunday      
Sydney   From                   from                  
  New Year Sydney 9:55                   alice sp 8:40        738km          
  familly           Alice Spring   Ayers Rocks Kings
  Darwin   kakadu Katherine
    to                   to                  
    Alice Spring 11h40                 darwin 10:35                  
Monday 7   Tuesday 8   Wed. 9   Thursday 10   Friday 11   Saturday 12   Sunday 13    
from                                       from  
darwin 7:00                                     cairns 18:10  
    Cairns   Reef barier   rain forest     around      outback     Islands     City      
to                                       to  
Cairns 9:55                                       sydney 22:10  
Monday 14   Tuesday 15                                  
      8h30 airport                                  
  Dayoff   Sydney ->
Singapore ->
Francfort -> Zürich

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