I wont be able to  update my internet page
from beginning of december to 15 january
as I will be in Australia,  Tasmania and
New Zealand (7 weeks in total)

Help by the famous "Lonely Planet Australia", my foot
will held me to the most famous beautiful place.

I will of course have a lot of pictures and video to
share with  all of You.

Before this event I will try to deliver new Joomla!
components versions based on your feedback.

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I am back online (leave yesterday Sydney at 10:00AM GMT+10 so 12:00AM for all of my european reader at GMT+1)! My trip in Australia is finished... 3'200 km driven in 3 cars (around Tasmania and Adelaide), that mean more than 30 hours in a car 4'000 km in bus, or 40 hours at leat doing daily or 2 days tours 10'950 km with 8 internal flights (Sydney -> Melbourne, Adelaide -> Sydney, Sydney -> Hobart, Hobart -> Sydney, Sydney ->Alice …
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 Detailled planning of my Australia trip
I wont be able to browse my forum, or respond to any emails inquiries from 4 december 2007 to 16 January 2008, as I will be at the end of the world in Australia. I will carry a lot of gadget stuff with me (GPS, camera and camcorder), in order to be able to map all pictures taken and video on Google Map / Google Earth . So You will have enough to browse beginning of next year. Below You …
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depart 06.12.2007, retour 15.01.2008 …
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