You can grab the latest SuSE version since the 5 october

So many names but more or less the same...

  1. Box version: (buy it in shops) OSS core - licensed applications - commercial limited time applications, technical support - manual
  2. Eval version: OSS core - licensed applications
  3. OSS: is the OSS core only, if you decide to try this one but feel you can not live without Acrobat (instead of Kpdf), flash, real player, java etc, just add the directory suse/suse/i386/10.0/SUSE-Linux10.0-GM-Extra/ to YaST (this let you choose in YaST and install the missing package between OSS version and Eval version)

ISO filename explanations:

  • SUSE-10.0-CD-i386-GM-CD*.iso 5 CDs i386 for installation from CD-R or from an ftp server with mounted iso images. Other network transfer protocols are available, too.
  • SUSE-10.0-EvalDVD-i386-GM.iso Same content as CDs on one DVD
  • SUSE-10.0-EvalDVD-x86_64-GM.iso Same packages for x86-64 as one the DVD above
  • SUSE-10.0-LiveDVD.iso   Live DVD, boot from it and enjoy SUSE Linux without actually installing it (no data written to disk)

Download! Download! Download!

Yast Supplemental sources for

3rd party repositories:

More soon, I will be updating 3 PC this week (ladtop, 2 desktops)

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