I've paid 300&8364; (470 CHF) for my new baby:&160; ALIGN TREX 450SE V2

I hope to be able to fly this 450 size not far away from my apartment in Zurich.
It should be quiet and small enough to fly in a park with nobody dusk

My previous experience with an electric helicopter was in 2004 (eRaptor here). For the moment
I try to practice 1 hours per day in reflex before going to the field.





New T-Rex 450SE V2 coming! New V2 features super cool appearance and main rotor head assembly improvement. Using thrust bearing design on Main rotor holder for great smooth rotation under high speed. During hard 3D flight, its actions are very quick and precision. V2 is Combined with 430XL high torque brushless motor for great power. Let&8217;s experience this New T-REX 450SE V2!

  • This kit is for the flyers who want uncompromised performance and quality. This SE arrived with 80% pre-assembled.
  • New CNC 3K carbon frame only 1mm, improve the rigidity and perfect for 3D flying.
  • CCPM version, new aluminum parts for prompt, precision actions.
  • New longer 3K battery mounting plate connects to main frame. It makes the center of gravity closed to rotor blade, and can adjust the center of gravity according to the weight of battery, it reduces the correction when the helicopter is rolling.
  • Rigid CNC aluminum rotor head for precision and smooth movements.
  • Using new Main rotor holder with thrust bearing and 4mm Feathering shaft, features smooth rotation and stability under high rotation speed.
  • Using Ball and Hiller two systems mixing control. Through simple structure of Ball control system, power-saving of Hiller system and CCPM control, can simultaneously control 3 servo for AILE, EVLE, PIT 3 actions. This CCPM control system is great for 3D flying control and extending life cycle of servos.
  • New c.g. amended tail blades feature streamlined and quick, make the gyro more efficient.
  • New tail rotor control set with dual bearing, features CNC control piece and smooth structure design, get smooth pitch travel.
  • Providing flybar weight- When normal flying, you can add the weights on flybar paddles for stable flight. When aerobatic flying, you don&8217;t need to add the weight, but you can see the flexibility of 3D actions.
  • CNC tail pulley assembly and tail holder are using high rigid aluminum alloy, features wear resistant and falling resistance.
  • New gear ratio(4.24:1), suitable for the motor with higher KV, provide more safety.
  • Use Aluminum alloy drive pulley and tail drive pulley, high rigidity and wear resistance. It is efficient to reduce the rotation loss and makes more smooth.
  • Using new high strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on the whole unit, feature wear resistance, anti-oxidization.
  • Tail rotor hub made of stainless steel, very rigid.
  • Use 35pcs precision bearing.
  • Great stable and sensitive mixing lever design! Can display the great stability and precision for 3D flight.
  • T-REX 450SE special adjustable pitch system, hold rotation system, tail rotor drive belt system! It is a work of great originality for helicopter!

Design Features:

1.New metal head stopper
2.New main rotor head assembly(4mm feathering shaft+ thrust bearing)
3.New main drive gear
4.New fiber-glass painted canopy
5.New anti rotation bracket
6.New high strength main frames
7.New upper bearing block for tail drive gear assembly
8.New longer, c.g. adjustable battery mounting plate
9.New higher strength landing skid
10.New tail boom mount
11.New tail servo mount with dual fixing holes(apply to S9650)
12.New tail pitch assembly & New c.g. amended tail blades
13.New vertical/horizontal stabilizers
14.New wear-resistance ball links
15.Improvements for some parts and bearing precision

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